Redz Story ...


I learnt that it's ok to ask for help....

I have always been driven to take on this adventure, with the dream intensifying and growing in recent years. The final push came in 2014,  following some personal challenges involving a family member with depression. What I experienced and witnessed was the bigger picture of the damage depression can cause. It's not just the individuals who suffer, but also the family members who support, love and care so much. There is often a greater toll. 

The main purpose of this journey was to create a massive wave of support and increase awareness for depression, with a focus on the Mothers, the Fathers, the lovers, the Brothers and Sisters who are all affected by this dark oppressive cloud that so many have to carry on their shoulders.

I wanted to inspire and encourage people to set themselves goals and get out there every day - doing something physical and fun, no matter how big or small. It really is the best medicine. This journey of mine is an example of how something momentous can be broken down into achievable segments.




"For many years I have been drawn to the stunning coastlines of New Zealand. I find them calming, even on a stormy day. They make me feel at ease as if they could wash any of my worries away."