What I achieved?

I paddled the entire coastline of New Zealand in a kayak, this was not a race, this was just my journey, It became a 432 day odyssey.

I was always keen to talk and gain information from like minded people along the way for help with my journey. Others who have already completed this I admired and I have followed their journeys and daily blogs, their adventures and challenges along the way have made me smile and then it is my turn to have an adventure.

It was something I have always wanted to do, maybe you could say it is on my bucket list of achievement's, like many it was about my dream seeing a vision, setting a goal and doing it, you know like wanting to run a marathon, jump from a plane, ocean swim, dive with sharks, climb to the top of a mountain, just something I have always wanted to do..

  • Started Tuesday 27th October 2015 from Takapuna Beach, Auckland - 8.00am
  • Ended Saturday 31st December 2016 at Takapuna Beach, Auckland - 11.30am

The daily plan was......

20km before lunch, then back on the water to paddle 20km in the afternoon. Some days I was be able to surpass this target, while other days it could be more of a challenge due to weather. But if in the end I averaged 50+km of paddling on the water each day, the journey took 115 paddle days. My longest distance was 85.25km..