Ok, yes it is getting to the serious last things to do, campervan is nearly packed.. just have a few personal things to add and then fill the fridge.. my OCD mind is going into overdrive at the moment, but fresh food and filling of the fridge is the only job I want to be doing tomoroow..

So today Sunday 25th Oct is the final push to get it all completed.. 

Yes there will be things we will need and want to change along the way but I now need to just put my head down and get all of my list completed and stop adding things to it..

So coffee and breakfast completed, now onto the list.. will share abit more later on before departure.

Sold my spare kayak yesterday on trade me.. sold my rode bike as well.. the thinking was they needed to have a fun summer and not be in the garage gathering dust, so hoping the new owners will enjoy and have fun summertimes on my gear.

Meet an amazing lady from " Mental Health Foundation", yesterday and I am happy as to be teamed up with caring and helpful and fun charity..who want to make a difference to ALL with depression and mental illnesses.. THANKYOU ..and a big smile for making my Friday a successful day..

Thats it from me at the moment.

NB: Paddled with a " UNICORN".. ( aka Andy Warner)..yesterday.. that made me smile.. ad I needed to get on the water..

THELMA & LOUISE are Ready.. :)

Thelma & Louise