DAY 25...Wairoa day two

As expected we are still in Wairoa.  It is dry but extremely windy today, we headed to the beach to look at the swells and the ocean.  An off shore wind today, and way, way better looking than yesterday.  We also talked to a local surfer today and got some good info.  We went and brought some provisions, some repair top ups for the kayak and got everything ready for tomorrow mornings launch onto the ocean.. 

Today was just a general sorting day and we both enjoyed the weather until just after lunch and then the wind picked up majorly, Cussie was being blown about and we sat inside and read books and chatted.  Not really a lot to report today, apart from clearing small pebbles from everywhere in the inside of my kayak, checking the rudder and everything is in working order for the paddle tomorrow.  We prepped food and stuff for the paddle trip, and generally got ready for the change over of the support team and my long paddle tomorrow.

We have been looking at a new website for the weather reports,  It seems to be really accurate, so lets see how we go.  We are now off to check out the Christmas lights that have just all been turned on at the campsite.  My gear is dry, kayak is ready, I am well fed and watered and rested so fingers crossed launching tomorrow with an off shore will keep the dumping swell from being too bad, and Napier here I come!

We have a plan for tomorrow and will launch at sunrise, there are also a couple of spots I am prepared to stop at if the weather does not turn out as planned.  Blisters are healed :) YIPPEE!  Girl Grylls style repairs worked.

Have a great weekend everyone and will hopefully update you all tomorrow.


Launch point for the morning

Launch point for the morning