DAY 33...Weather Apps are my new addiction

For those who know me you will understand that being awake at 4.00 am is normal daily occurrence for me.  But when you have promised your support team that there is to be no paddling as you have studied the weather apps the night before (three separate ones) and made them recheck them to try to find a window of opportunity to get out paddling, and there is none with any sound justification, then a rustling sleeping bag and the light of a phone being concealed inside your sleeping bag at 4.00 am, could and would be slightly annoying!

There was not a breath of wind this morning that I could hear outside, it seemed dead calm.  Frustrated was not the best word for my mood, damn the weather forecasts, I was going to paddle!  I looked and looked at the apps on my phone, flicking from one to another until I could not stand it anymore.  They said wind but I could see and hear nothing.  The clouds way above were moving rather quickly but I was trying not to look.  At 6 am I had to get up so off I staggered to the campsite bathrooms and started to get myself ready, bugger it I was going to paddle!  Even if I just got around the point to Herbertville at least it was 20 km further.  I wanted to get out there, beat the weather and be back off the water within 3 hours before the so called wind arrived.  It would make me feel better.  I am not sure how many of you have these thoughts, but some days I have my heart saying one thing and my head telling me another, and I seem to be stuck in the middle.  Part of me is saying for goodness sake stop being so damn lazy, just get on the water as the weather man surely has it wrong.

Just before 7am I announced to Nat that I was going to go out on the water and get around to at least Herbertville because the weatherman had got it wrong and there was no wind.  A very sleepy Nat looked up from her bed and said, "What?!"  I repeated myself and as she came around and woke up I shoved the mobile phone in her face and said, "See, there is a small window!"  Nat's reply was, it is the same as last night, look at the wind gusts!  "Do I need to call Andy?" (Andy is our fantastic back up mediator when we are on opposing paddle ideas, one says yes and one says no)  Poor Mr Warner gets a text, "Are you up?" He called and we discussed and I was reminded that I was in a bay and to actually believe the weather apps as he was looking online as well and the weather was stormy and we were lucky to be in a calm bay.  I remember he said "Yachts go to calm bays when the wind is bad, you are in a calm bay so enjoy it!"  Okay I was out numbered and had to accept this response, stand down from the paddling.

Nat was great, considering she was now trapped with a crazy paddler in a small camper van (tiger pacing in a cage).  We headed for the beach with food in a backpack and energy to burn off.  We went for a long walk along the beach, and yep there was wind and waves, so my need to paddle was quickly cooled.  I knew I was wrong to want to get on the water but sometimes you just have to be given a verbal slap and reminded.  I accepted they were correct.

We ended up walking for 14 km to the north end of Porangahau beach and back.  The sun came out, we went for a quick swim then ate snacks, got warm again and then it rained.  The wind got stronger and all Nat could do was smile and say, "Glad you did not go out paddling yet?"

Back at the campground we got chores done and things prepped for the next few days.  Maybe just maybe I will get on the water at about 10am, to get around the point to Herbertville.  We have more Paua for dinner thanks to our friend Luke and are much happier today now some of yesterday's memories have blown away...

I am banned from looking at the weather apps from now until 6am tomorrow morning when they update!  So perhaps a game or two of cards tonight to distract me.

Thanks to all for your amazing and supportive txts, emails and comments.  They have all helped.  Big thanks to the weather apps, you are right and I am totally wrong.  BIGGEST thanks to Mr Warner for being at the end of the phone when we/I needed to chat.


Everyone enjoy your Saturday night, we will!  Bet we are the only ones having Paua. :)



See that wind in our hair?

See that wind in our hair?