Day 10...Matata Beach to Whakatane

Last night it blew a gale for most of the night.  Support crew Jason was convinced my CROCS would have blown away and sent me out to check at about 1.30am!!  Luckily they where still there.

Early in the morning it was still really blustery so I stayed in bed.  Finally the weather out the window looked okay, and the forecast was for a head wind but only 10 to 15 knots.  I hit the water at about 8.30am, with hindsight it maybe would have been better to go earlier...

After the first hour or so I was tracking fine, then the gusts got more intense so my battle to reach the point of Whakatane started.  Low stokes, just making small headways and little gains.  My per km rate dropped and so by the time I got to Whakatane I had decided enough of this day.  30km, 5.5hrs, it was over.  The desired location to finish was Ohope campsite, but this was not to be.  I called the support team to please come and collect me.

As I landed a couple of ladies who had been having lunch came down to chat and say they had heard of my journey.  It was so nice to talk and meet new people!  They then called the local newspaper contact and they came down to do an interview and take some pics.

YIPPEE for the campervan shower, it was a blessing and I have discovered that you can sit down while showering, ha as if I needed to sit anymore after all the kayaking.

Actually this was a another tough slog of a day on the water and when I hit dry land I was very pleased, not so pleased with my progress, but that is just me and my mindset, but pleased everyone else is happy.

The weather tomorrow looks the same as today.  I would like a tail wind again soon, just for a day or so.  5.30am start tomorrow, maybe get to Opotiki, maybe get a little further.  I will not promise too much.  "Under promise, over achieve."

For anybody looking for a great campsite, then come to Ohope it is lovely!  Dinner tonight we have had Chix, salad, potato and kumara mash with avocados and tomato, lashings of olive oil dressing, home made choc brownie (fresh from the oven) and Whittakers choc with my cup of tea to finish, bet you are all jealous... Always got to have great food!

Bed is looking good, I have to say, the campervan is totally loved by us all, thanks to Sonja Rosen another amazing person I have meet.  It is cold and windy tonight, so lets see what the morning brings.  

Support team change over tomorrow, Jason leaving and Nat returning..

Night night from RED (sorry for the waffle, tired tonight).

Got to thank everyone for the donations, heck you are amazing :)

Departure from Matata Beach

Departure from Matata Beach