DAY 48...Flying Foxes and Ice Cream

As we sat in the late afternoon sun in the Martinborough Square park, connected up and sending out all of yesterdays stories and information to the many, we updated the weather report and decided that as the wind was due to be gusting we would head for the Masterton campsite for a dust free night.  Masterton seemed to us to have more places to grab our Sunday essentials, we also knew the campsite and its amenities, it would be nice to have power for a big cook up and to recharge all of my equipment and importantly also keep me away from any more sea starring for the day.

We had driven so many dusty and gravel roads on the Saturday scoping out the up and coming coast lines that by the time 6pm came and the updated weather forecast was available we were exhausted, me mentally and Nat from all the damn driving up, over, around and through cattle stops, dodging animals and cars.  At one stage we had so much dust in Cuzzie as we drove along that the smoke alarm was set off!  Both the inside of the van and us were covered in a thick layer of dust and it would be good to have a clean up.

We meet a couple of locals/permanent residents of the Mawley Campsite.  Thanks to Trevor and Linda for the evening chat and the coffee, sorry we did not manage any bourbon and coke with you but next time we are passing and not paddling we will join you for a few.  Trevor, remember that you need to splash out and buy some real Croc’s, you will be a convert (maybe Santa will bring you some).  Big hugs to little Ken as well, he is extremely cute.

Sunday morning rolled around, there was wind and rain all night, but we had to accept this and in the morning it seemed to have blown over.  The sun was out, we made great coffee and planned a big walk around the parks and lakes.  Off we headed, found a flying fox, swings and a cool tree house in the park.  We acted like a couple of kids for a while then hoofed it off to the other end of town in hunt for a fresh fruit ice cream store that Nat had spotted on our couple of journeys to Masterton but not as yet had stopped at.  It was nice to be walking, it was nice to also feel how strong the wind was getting.  The sun was shining so this always helps our mood. 

Essentials purchased, food supplies topped up and a very hungry Red!  We walked back to Cuzzie where I quickly cooked up some lunch and then we sat in he sun trying to hide from the gusting wind.  By 1.30pm we were ready to get on the road, back to Flat Point to our paddock to wait on the wind to drop for the next push down the coast.

We stopped and looked at the ocean for a little while on arrival but it was so so windy that we were just being buffered about in Cuzzie.  The kayaks felt like they were massive sails on the roof and at any moment were going to get blown off, roof racks and all so we headed back to the paddock, tucked beside some tall Pine trees away from as much of the wind as possible.  We read books, played cards, I rested and Nat had a nap.

Dinner eaten, dishes done, peppermint tea in hand and the wind is dying down.  Nat is climbing a hill in the paddock to watch the sunset, camera over her shoulder.  I have a plan and goal for tomorrow, it will not be early as the wind is meant to lift over night, but...

It is a new week and I'm only looking forward now, not up, just forward.  I dared to look up last week thinking I was near the top of this first massive hill I was daring to climb and I was not.  I should have known better as when ever I run I never look up when running hills, I just keep focused on each step.  Once I have get some of tomorrow under my belt, I will be smiling a little more.

Paddle in hand, T2 is all ready and sign written, I will do a couple of beach up and down paddles first to settle down in this new seat, VHF Nat and then look south, aiming for check points 1, 2, 3 and maybe 4.  There have been too many days away from the water, to many spare moments to think, to many thoughts and strange feelings and nothing to put my finger on.  There are parts of this coastline and journey burnt into my mind and this is one of them.  I will always remember forever Flat Point, the paddock and the tall grass I sat it, the cray boats, Mary & John, to you both I have to say a massive Thank You for your friendly and helpful advice and the paddock we had to stay in.  I smile, and of course I will remember the very cute hedgehog.

There are always stories behind these special places, and this is one of those special places.  Someday the story will be joined with the pictures Nat has of these windy thought provoking days.  Until then lets see how Monday and I will greet each other and how Mother Nature is going to treat me.

Thanks for reading.

Flying Fox in Masterton

Flying Fox in Masterton

Dusk in the pines

Dusk in the pines