DAY 54...Wellington after arriving

We awoke after a couple of hours sleep in the back Cuzzie, we were a little blurry eyed and I was extremely hungry.  I was also extremely salt crusted and desperately needing a shower and a washing machine, so off we headed to Nat's Auntie & Uncle's (Lib & Werner).  Oh how wonderful to stand a long time in the shower and to wash a lot of my clothes and spread out my gear in the sun and wind to dry and smell fresh and clean :)

We are on there door step for the next few days and they are fab.  A big cooked brunch and a great slow cooked casserole for dinner.  I had a wander into Wellington, spending too long in the body shop store looking at nice smelling cleansers and shampoos etc, but I was not tempted to buy anything, maybe another day.  Nat went off to catch up with a friend for a couple of glasses of wine, a chat and gossip without this old lady.  We have been joined at the hip for the last few days and breathing space and the company of others is great.

It was amazing to realise I have actually managed to paddle this far, and the previous time I was in Wellington it felt like I was cheating by even visiting the city before paddling in.  I have to say thank you to everyone who commented on my Facebook page this morning, and also liking the amazing images that Nat manages to post on Instagram each day, it is incredible.  Thanks for taking the time to say congrats.

I am a little mentally exhausted by last nights intense paddle and am now focusing on another early morning paddle tomorrow, I hope to be off the water by 11 am.  We have people to visit and I do not want to feel too much wind in my face when on the water.  I am hoping I have the tides and currents correct and hoping to get to a location to be ready to try and cross to the South Island soon but there are a few options and opinions on this section.  I will share once I see the weather, the waiting time etc.

Wellington is as nice as ever, it was nice to wander.  Gear is packed and ready, weather is looking okay, in fact better than okay and a plan has been hatched.  Ah, plans they sometimes do not happen, but we will see.  After paddling tomorrow I am going to try and catch up with some locals and go back to say hi to Canoe & Kayak, and do some fun Wellington things, perhaps rock wall climbing.

As mentioned the support team is due to swap out on Monday evening and I am writing a list of gear to be brought down and also repacking my gear I have never used to go back in the empty bag.

Fun stuff today:  
Falling asleep after my night paddle, smiling.
Walking around Wellington in my denim shorts in the sunshine, smiling and satisfied.  Just browsing and not in a Christmas frenzy, joyous.
Spending time chatting to Lib, what an amazing and interesting lady!  Gosh you have lived an exciting life, and I have only heard a little of it.  I am coming back for sure to Rolleston St, to have a glass of wine, sit in the sun and just talk.

If anyone is around the Wellington area and interested in paddling in the morning, around Owhiro, up and along the coast to Makara then Titahi Bay before midday, please come and paddle for a while.  I would love to chat and talk to you.  Text Nat on the support phone and she will give you my location.  Then I have a feeling I will be in Wellington for a couple of days so if you know of a calm place I can go and remind T2 how to eskimo roll and do some water kayak practicing skills please email me.  Yes, Mike Scanlan, I am heading into the water to do some practice rolling, it is a promise, T2 must need some lessons.

Till tomorrow, night night.

Red ready to go, watching the waves

Red ready to go, watching the waves