DAY 57...Wellington...Really? Can I go soon?

The days are ticking over and another day dawns in our fine and wonderful capital of NZ.  Back parked up at the Marina carpark, close to the airport.  We are able to park and stay for free and there are water and dump stations available for the campervans.  There where a large number of Campervans there tonight but by the morning many had left during the night to get to early morning ferry crossings.

I got up and damn I was hungry, I seriously did not eat enough at Japanese last night.  I had to quickly feed myself from the cupboards and the only quick fix for the light head and hangry attitude was to shovel a few pieces of crystallised ginger, dark chocolate and coconut oil into my mouth.  It sounds bad and not a good start to the morning but my energy and carb levels seem to drop so quickly these days.  I needed a quick fast instant fix and this works it seems to me, unless I eat something with a lot of good carbs at night meal (dare I say it, carbs at night) eg: potatoes or something starchy and filling, then the next morning I am so so very hangry (hungry and angry) as I wake.

We then got some walking gear on and we went for a long windy walk along the waterfront being blown about by, yep you guessed it, the wind!  Oh well I am on dry land so not too much of a concern or problem.  Once back we cooked up breakfast made a couple of cups of coffee and updated each other on things that had happened since I had seen Jase six weeks ago when he was with me last as support person.  Emails were sent, I setup a couple of meetings for the afternoon, called and chatted with Mike Scanlan in Auckland, while Jase got ready to hit the Wellington streets in Cuzzie.

Water filled, dump station utilised and we were on the road!  Firstly to try and refill our gas bottles for Cuzzie and the Weber BBQ.  This is proving far harder than we first thought, everywhere you go now it is swap a bottle.  That would be fine if we had room for the large bottles, but we do not.  After a few failed attempts we have located a place (out of town!) so this is now a tomorrow job.   Into the supermarket we went, it's only safe to grab hand held baskets to try an weave your way around the groaning trolleys filled with everything and more!  I can not begin to explain the mind games I have everytime I get into the frenzied supermarket, how much food can everybody buy?

Anyway off my soap box and back to the shopping.  Meat and veges grabbed, all the other aisles I miss, we are in and out at speed.  Cuzzie fridge and cupboards are stocked.  We are ready to head off to meet Bess (from the Guardian Newspaper) to chat about my journey so far.  It's always a little weird for me to talk about this journey, as I am actually living my dream, and to me it is just about doing something I love!  Being on the water, being with nature and being alone with me and my thoughts, it is everything I love.  I know this is strange, but I find and think my dream is rather normal and not that much of a crazy wow thing that others seem to think it is.  I am happy to talk and happy to encourage others about how great it fees to have a dream and reach out for the dream, touch it, do it and feel great when the dream becomes real.

Bess thank you for your time today, thanks for encouraging me to talk about me, my why's my why not's and my journey.  What it took pre the start date and my journey so far, it seems still hard to describe where this dream originally came from but our chat was enjoyable.  All I can hope for is that this encourages others (even one person) to get out there and find time, a window and slot in each day for what I call "ME" time.  It has become apparent that I believe it is so very important to have a moment each day, there is always time, even if it is before the sun gets up.  This is how I have always managed, before the world awoke and before life started to race away with you.

In the midst of this day I was also looking at my weather app and watching the Wednesday window of opportunity disappear for the crossing.  Outside the wind was relentless and now it was cold and wet and Wednesday was now a no chance.  The weather, I am obsessive, (Nat would have taken my mobile from me by now, but Jase is still getting up to speed with this addictive behaviour) but honestly mother nature can you just give me a break!  Just 12 hours.  Please.  It truly is not much to ask.

I have a deadline and cut off date for waiting in Wellington, lets just see if I have to revert to plan B or C.  I am still hopeful and at the moment I am enjoying the learning of this coastline, this city and the waters around Wellington. 

Conrad, again thank you for you passion and time today, your calmness and amazing manner amaze me.  I can not explain the complete and utter strength I seem to get after spending time talking to you about this next stage. I am sure you are going to be the first person I txt when I actually manage to get across and touch the South island coastline.

I have dared to make a tentative time, date and location for this crossing.  I have been brave and booked Cuzzie on a ferry crossing.  I have been brave, but I am seriously not brave enough to make this a public announcement as I do not want to place a jinx on this plan.  I have a small part of me that is superstitious and yes I will continue to keep my plans close to me until I achieve this next massive milestone.  I would hate mother nature to be informed until I have 'gaped it' across the strait!

Support crew Jase has had a big day and is now sleeping in Cuzzie, little does he know today has been easy and a rest day.  I even cooked him brekkie this morning, his coffee making skills are not bad though.

My smiles for today:
To be actually living my dream.  I pinch myself at least once everyday to remind myself it is real.
Learning skills and knowledge from amazing like minded people.  I am humbled by their openness, knowledge and there happiness to share this with me, (I hope to make you proud) thanks to all.
And big thanks to Interislander Ferries, you rock my world!  Helpful beyond belief and our trip is free of charge :) 

Well off to a friend of a friends for a catchup.  Cuzzie is hooked to power and the fridge is chilling the food.  Batteries are all charging on the numerous bits and pieces we have for this journey.  The new and improved Yachtbot (my on the water live tracker) is charging (thanks Ina!).  The STAR kayaks are on the roof and being washed by the rain, and I have my fav pair of black woollen leggings on, they totally rock and I think everyone should own a pair (the support crew I am winning over, nearly all now have at least one pair) and the foot wear of preference for the beach and rock launches are CROCS.  Yep, crazy stuff.

Talk tomorrow,

Just call me Rose

Just call me Rose

Sleepy Jase...

Sleepy Jase...