I had a new experience last night.  Cuzzie and I dropped Nat at the airport then headed for the closest freedom camping spot at the harbour for the night in Wellington.  This crazy campervan community that we have discovered is pretty cool, I am in a car park next to the harbour with sea views, all cosy away from the Wellington wind in my bed thinking gosh this is way cool.  Self contained campervans have so many places you can stay for free four days in a row.  Great views and you have everything you need, coffee machine, comfy bed, the noise of the sea...and yep you guessed it the damn wind.  It did not relent all night!  Never mind as I had things to go and do Saturday and if the weather was fine and calm that would have eaten me up big time.

Wellington on a sunny, windy Saturday was rather special.  I wandered around and looked and just enjoyed it.  I met up with my niece Briar for breakfast at the Nikau Cafe.  It was really great to chat, listen and catchup on her world and her plans.  We drank coffee, I had scrambled eggs, bacon and avocado.  Briar had fried sage eggs and that looked damn good as well, maybe breakfast for me tomorrow.
Off we ambled down to the waterfront and sat on a grassed banked area in the sunshine looking over a large water feature.  Such a cool layout in this area and a really cool atmosphere.  No inner city hustle and bustle, hardly any christmas stress.  I am liking this city more and more each time I visit, just can it please stop with the wind for a few days!  That would be truly appreciated.

At about two I was getting hungry again so myself, Briar and Dave headed for lunch.  A very cool, small rustic Italian place.  We shared pork with crackling, roast chicken and herbs, crispy roasted potatoes, eggplant, courgettes and capsicums.  Yum!  I have got to say I am going back there for sure.  Extremely real and cool.

Then it was off with the two of them while they searched for Christmas presents.  Briscoes first stop, I braced myself for mad craziness but to my disbelief it was dead calm and tranquil.  The rest of the stores we visited were the same.  I am still a little stunned by this as am quite sure Auckland would have been heaving!
As promised I have embraced Christmas, the Grinch in me is departing.  Cuzzie has new fairy lights.  Yes it is true, I purchased them.

I have removed my paddling head for the next few days as there is no yes or no or maybe, it is a NO GO.

I am back to Briar and Dave's flat, I will find a wash world to spruce up Cuzzie and then an early night in a big bed.  Relaxing and rejuvenating is to be my next day or so.  Windy days ahead, well they have just had to become my friends.  Enjoy the rest RED, enjoy these moments as they will never come around again.

Today I was asked if I missed anything or had cravings from before life and pre journey, I pondered for just a little and in total honesty, at present no.  I am liking my daily changing life canvas,I have found and reignited the gypsy in me and anyone close enough to me can feel the new happiness I have.  Letting life flow along just in front of you like a rippling stream is feeling damn good.  If you can do it I recommend stepping off that relentless treadmill, if I have gone and managed it then many others surely can.  You can actually breathe deeply and it is like having polarized sunglasses on, everything is clearer and brighter.

Please don't think I do not come across my moments and challenges, I surely do, but these I will share in more depth when the team and I sit down at the end of the journey, a sort of behind the scenes blooper moments It is really interesting what and how each one of us faces the craziness of each day, our strengths are all different, but as the team it is working..

For now that is me, rejuvenating.
Big hugs,

PS: The warmest thank you to Andy Blake from Canoe & Kayak Wellington.  Great to meet you and you are most welcome anytime to please come paddle with me.  I will keep you posted on when I actually am heading into Wellington in my little red kayak.

Red and Briar Paterson ( my coolest niece )

Red and Briar Paterson ( my coolest niece )

Chill time in Wellington

Chill time in Wellington