DAY 85...Off the Water Activities

We stayed overnight in our little farming campsite, the ducks nestled outside, the rain falling heavily on the roof and the wind blew just for a change.  We discussed the mornings plans and we did not even talk about the water, we were excited about the day.

In the morning off we headed with home made coffee in hand and gGoogle maps to direct us.  Due to our forward planning (which has jinxed us) we had to meet Nat in Ashburton!  We had flown her to Dunedin because we thought we would be there by now.  She has had to bus up halfway so we could pick her up.  We also planned to go horse riding today, but the weather had ruined this plan also and it was cancelled.  So instead, a road trip. We did some beach reconnaissance along the way and watched the rain fall heavily out of the sky.  It is wet and cold, not hot and muggy like other locations in NZ. (Thanks for all your messages telling me about your hot sunny days!)  I posted a weather report on Facebook just to show you I was not just sunbathing on the beach.

Back to our afternoon, it was lunch then waiting in Ashburton till Nat arrived and I said to Trish, "What the heck do we do?"  There is no room in Cuzzie for shopping and no need for anything extra, so we did girl stuff to pass the time of day.  A manicure, something a kayaker is not really proud of is their hands!  My hands are hard working sports hands, used everyday and they are not precious or dainty, they look like they have been well used.  It was a pleasant hour, then it had been enough sitting and no energy spent so we were off to the gym!  Damn it was good.  Trish spent an hour on the treadmill with her head phones on and running while I went into the gym with the free weights and the muscled men to lift weights and remind my muscles what they are missing out on.  After a beating I then went sprinting on the treadmill next to Trish.  One hour later we felt dam good.  If you are thinking about joining a gym do it!  But make sure you use it, $10 casual for us today, what an amazing rate, thanks gym people it was a great little space.

Once showered we were waiting in Cuzzie for Nat to arrive when I spot this amazing water feature in a park close to us.  Me and the water, I so wanted to just jump in the fountain, but alas as we got to the feature it turned off!  So what do you do?  I paddled for a little and then in the rain I practised my head stands, and when I toppled onto the wet cold grass just lay there and laughed.  Even today we have had fun.  The rain is great and I am so much a water freak, any excuse to get wet and I am there and wet before you can blink.  I was a nightmare as a child and still a nightmare now near water.

Wet, happy and laughing is the way we ended that little adventure and then ran towards the bus as Nat arrived.  It was bloody fantastic, she is back, that is great.  We had a yummy Indian dinner as we swapped stories and looked at weather apps.  We pondered options, I said bugger and blast a lot and off we headed back to get ready to throw Trish out at the airport.  Tomorrow is a sad day as I say goodbye to Trish, she heads back to Auckland.  We will try and continue South one day soon.  

Tomorrow, maybe horse riding, maybe something else.  If I am stuck for awhile I am on adventures!  Summer is coming soon (apparently) so it will turn in my favour, the power of being positive.

My smiles today:
My attempt at a live weather report from the beach.  Not a TVNZ presentation, yes Mike, truly a very bad hair moment!  You and only you could comment like that.
Playing and attempting head stands in the rain!
Lifting weights at a gym.  It has been 84 days since I have been near an indoor gym!  Now that will make others smile.
Having three of us around the dinner table all trying to talk at the same time!
Living a great dream.
Being told my lines on my face are less than when I started this journey, now that is surely a big smile, thanks Trish.

My thoughts today:
It is always the simple things in life that produce the marvellous moments.  
Like my head stands in the rain


Manicure time

Manicure time

Gym time

Gym time