DAY 92...Stayed put.

I tried to believe and remind myself that I would not be paddling today but I am a forever hopeful and forever thinking that the weather would have to changed to what I dreamed it would or should be.  I am not gifted with a magic wand and the weather was crap.  Some of you maybe in a heatwave at present, but down in my world there is a strong southerly blowing and I was going nowhere.  It was blowing and it was raining, with my head down I headed to the showers to stop looking at forecasts.  "Just deal with it," I said.  The shower was great until I stepped out of it to discover I had forgotten my towel!  Great start.  Try drying yourself with your head band!  It really was not the best option.  Half wet and with dripping hair I headed back to the warmth of Cuzzie.  I chatted with Nat, we decided to check out the beach anyway and then decide.  That did not take too long, as we pulled up and looked across the bay, it was not attractive.  Off we speed to do some errands and see some of the sights.  I am afraid though the dry land stop and being off the water after four continuous days was not feeling that good, it was putting me in a mood.

This enforced rest day for most would be welcomed I know and as it was put to me later on, "Red you have paddled over and above a marathon each day for four days, just enjoy the rest!"  I listened and agreed but did not absorb, in my mind I was thinking, I was just getting into a rhythm again, damn, damn, damn.

We whizzed along the roads and stopped to look at the Moeraki Boulders.  I was amazed at the size, shape and cool features of these ball shaped rocks on the beach.  Then we went for a long walk and climbed to the top of the points to look ahead at the weather and waves.  It was messy out on the ocean, torture!  The wind does some weird things to me and my brain, in some of the bays is was not as bad and the fishermen and yachts were all moored safely there.  Did that not tell me something?  Yep, but did I want to believe what I saw? 

Nat just drove, we headed on a road trip to keep me busy and away from water.  We ended up heading to get errands done in the nearby shops, we wandered for a little looking and getting rained on.  I was a terror today and needed to be banished to the top of a hill and made to run up and down the hills until I was wet and exhausted like they do in the army. (after Nat has read this she will have new ideas)

Errands done and stomachs feed we had two options, head to vist a friend of Nats or head back to the beach and re check to make sure the damn forecast was not lying.  I'm sure you can guess which option we chose!  At the beach it was worse than ever before.  Red, you now know that you should have shut up and gone visiting!  I was beaten down, at last.  Silent, gutted, we went looking for a campsite and that is when we both started to smile, it took along time today in the wind and the rain, but we made it!

We found a wonderful place with a big grassed area, trees, a stream, loads of free space, great owners and an outdoor spa bath!  This place rocks.  We got dinner sorted, cooked and then ate in the campsite lounge.  We chatted with Janene & Warren, Riverside Haven Lodge & Holiday Park,   now this place is special and at last I felt at ease and calm.  Sheeze what a day!  Doing not a lot just trying to keep my mind occupied.

Poor Nat had to suggest she look after my phone for most of the day as it was safer that way, she answered my messages and monitored me and my mind.  I know I constantly say this, but being the support crew on this trip is not an easy thing.  Being with each other 24/7 takes a special tolerance and today was a serious off the water challenge for her.

Support crew dread the off the water days, far more than throwing me at the ocean, but we made it through.  We sat in that spa after dinner and it was bliss, we were outside away from the wind in peaceful, beautiful surroundings.  Today I deserved the prize of a slap to the back of the head for being the crazy one, oops.

A couple of long phone calls done, (I was allowed my phone back) crew sorted for next week and calm restored in my head.  I sat and ate dark chocolate and crystallised ginger, it is yum.  Tomorrow is planned and I am okay with the plan.  Let' s just see what the day brings, first will be a hot cup of peppermint tea with lashings of honey, then we will be off.  There is no rain forecast but wind is predicted, so a 4/5 hour hike is planned.

My smiles today: 
The spa bath, it solved everything and improved the mood.
Talking with Mike about paddling and rolling, he did not know how much he improved my mood today.
Talking with others about our lives and the similar things we have been through, this journey each day connects me to others for a reason.
Smiling now at the craziness in me!
There are trout in the stream next to us, that is magic.
Vodafone and their very cool service this evening, they rocked!  I (finally) have a new crew phone.

My thoughts today:
Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess, just breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best.


PS:  It is easier said than done, as some days I struggle to breathe, and my team struggle to even make me drink water!

:PPS: Today I joined Mother Nature for awhile, I enjoyed being in her tears, the rain, and I wondered why.  We just connected.

Atop one of the mysterious boulders at Moeraki

Atop one of the mysterious boulders at Moeraki

The aliens hatching

The aliens hatching