DAY 96...Progress :)

After drinking freshly brewed kawakawa tea, made from the freshly picked leaves from our wonderful hosts garden, we slept well last night.  It is something I am going to continue using, their shrub is going to be raided tonight before I leave their house.  What an amazing taste which I, for some crazy reason, have not stumbled on before today, especially the fresh leaves.  

Anyway back to my day, we got up and this camping area had to be one of the busiest freedom camping spots so far, there were small vans, cars and campervans everywhere, 40 plus I would have guessed.  We got up and then headed back to catchup with the family for showers and more kawakawa tea, then Nat was heading off to try surfing at the local beach.  Now if the surfer in the household is happy the surf is up then you know the kayaker is not going anywhere.  I went to watch Nat and help walk the dogs on the beach and throw them pinecones to chase.  There was also a surfing contest on one end of the beach and halfway down the surf life saving club was having small competition of racing their boats.  Always fun to watch as they catch and leap over the breaking waves, but not a place for a sea kayaker at present!

Nat enjoyed the surfing lesson from her aunt and was smiling for being out in the water, she warmed up in the sunshine back at the house, sheltered from the wind.  We had a plan so soon we headed off for me to start my afternoon paddle.  Hopefully it was going to happen and I could inch my way down the coast a little way once the southerlies had dropped and the swell went down a little more.

Back up the coast we whizzed and out onto the point that I had landed on, just south of Kakanui.  Low and behold, there were waves and a swell!  We sat and waited, and watched and waited.  Eventually I made a move, got dressed and we unloaded then stood on the windy beach and I started out at the waves.  My plan: nail this launch and you can do a small 18 km paddle to Moeraki harbour.  With a southerly wind and a 1.7m swell off I went.  It was slow but I was moving forward and I was okay with it for this short distance.  Soon it was done and dusted and I was on the boat ramp and chatting to Nat again.

Tomorrow the weather is looking good so fingers crossed a biggish paddle is planned, but let's just wait and see.  Dinner done, gear is drying and we are resting, me drinking my new found favourite, kawakawa tea.  Basically a good day today, I got on the water and moved south a little more.

My smiles today:
Nat going surfing.
Leaving out host's house with fresh laid eggs, kawakawa leaves and a full tummy, thank you for a lovely time.
Knowing that Ed (our host) is embarking on his own adventure soon with a group ride from Cape Reinga to the Bluff, (Tour Aotearoa) Go Ed!  Keep me posted, I will be tracking you.
The wind is dropping, that makes me smile.

My thoughts today:
Sticking to my promised plans and trying to judge each situation.  They say good judgement comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgement!  So I am learning.


Really Nat, more photos?

Really Nat, more photos?