DAY 72...A Day of Chores

Today was a day of chores in and around Christchurch, things to do, people to see and a water heater to source and organise for Cuzzie.  We seem to be fairly lucky with friendly accommodating people on this trip and today was no exception, after the first stop off we were directed to another couple of RV water heater suppliers to locate a replacement heater.  With the help (hinderance) of Goggle maps we found our way around Christchurch and to the suppliers we needed, by 11.00am we had a new one on its way down from the Auckland supplier, it will be with us tomorrow and the great team at Coach Design can install this first thing Friday morning.  What a great help they have all been and a big thank you for all the phone calls and info, each supplier was great when we called in, they all helped us source and get this matter sorted without any problems.

Then we headed into the city to catch up with Shane from Maprogress he has offered and supplied me with an Inreach Satellite unit for tracking in areas where my other devices are not able to locate me.  It is a cool little unit I am excited to use it, we will setup a page for you see this link soon.

I have not visited Christchurch city for many years and it was amazing the cool spaces that have popped up since the earthquake and the spirit this city has.  It is totally awesome, it seems they are building a way cool city and are thinking about placement and the look as it happens.  We wandered and looked around a little, it seems like I have a task on each day off to find a new location to practice my hand stands, we found a new random spot today.  If someone was to ask me why a hand stand, my answer now is it actually makes me smile.  I am overcoming my fear of falling backwards and even now I am able to just about progress to a proper hand stand, pushing new boundaries, or maybe just plan crazy, but it makes me always laugh so I will just keep doing them.

Lunch and the coffee location was fab today, the time just flew by.  Before we knew it we were looking at the clock and it was after 3pm, we still needed to unpack Jase's gear from Cuzzie, sort out stuff to go back to Auckland via freight and get Jase on a flight back to Auckland, oh and he wanted and needed a haircut!  In another life I was (and still am) a qualified hairdresser so out came the scissors from the pink box in Cuzzie and he sat on the lawn for a haircut.  Totally a brave move by him, or you could call it desperation.  With the haircut complete (he is still smiling) he packed his gear and we re arranged Cuzzie.  We have more room now, stuff is not coming any further south and is on a freight truck back to Auckland, we have lightened the load, and it feels good.

Off to the airport we head and it is tinged with sadness that we are back down to just one support person now and Jase will be missed.  I am sure he is slightly relieved to be away from  two nagging females and he will be able to just sit and enjoy a few days of sleeping in and catch ups with friends back in Auckland.  Thank you for all of your help, care and attention to detail Mr Marshall, the time as gone by very quickly and as per normal Mr Have-a-chat made a lot of new friends on this journey.  We have some funny stories about his two weeks as a Redz NZ support crew.  Robert the cat at Hill St will be so happy to see you home.

Dinner was cooked and after a couple of phone calls I headed inside to join Tricia, Gerard and Donna for dinner and a chat about today.  They had all been for a massive walk and there were many stories to listen to and lots of laughs.  I felt spoilt as Donna had made carrot cake for the team and coconut macaroons for me, they are so divine, it was a little hard to share them! (Gerard, you should feel special)  Dinner eaten, herbal tea drunk and weather charts and maps looked at again.  I was hoping to paddle tomorrow but the weather window has shrunk on me, I will re visit this in the morning at 6.00am and if it looks like it is unstable and possibly turning bad earlier then I will be off the water for another day.

Some one asked me today if I was on target with my paddling, the answer was very short, it was "Nup." They then asked, "In a perfect world where would you like to be today, how much further south?"  My reply was, "Probably past Dunedin, but there is nothing I can do but wait, be patent and while I wait I am going to enjoy, see and discover."  Sadly today I did not see or do as much as I had wanted to do on my day away from the water, but there is always tomorrow.

My smiles today:
The amazing Gift cards from Gerard (Corporate Cabs) to the REDZ NZ JOURNEY Fund.  I am totally blown away, what with your amazing home and accommodation and then the gift card donations, this is truly huge.
Hairdressing on the back lawn, everyone who saw this smiled as well, yep I have a couple of talents.
The home made macaroons.
Shane and your generous offer of the sat & tracking unit.  Thank you.
My improving head to handstands today, keep watching this progress.

My thoughts:
After listening to others it is amazing the huge amount of information and knowledge people have to share and are so happy to share with you, we all just have to ask for help and want to listen and the info we need seems to come when you need it most.

I thank everyone today for sharing with me there snippets of info, I have absorbed and am listening.

Good night from me,