DAY 74...A Fun Day

This morning we were all about getting sorted and out into Christchurch as everything opened so we could get things ticked off the lists as fast as possible, we had things to get done.  Trish and I drove firstly to The Design Coach & Body Company who had kindly squeezed in the replacing of our water heater this morning.  We arrived as the doors opened at 8am, the guys were just arriving with their morning coffees and we were dropping off Cuzzie for her replacement work.  Steve and the team, thank you from all of us, we can have hot water and hot showers again, what a dream of a company to meet and have work done by, I would highly recommend them, so helpful with everything we asked of them.

Next on the list was to send back unwanted and unused gear from the past 70 days.  Off we headed with the help of Donna (you have been a super star today, thank you).  Mainfrieght we finally located and then oops we had no cardboard box so we had to race off and find an empty cardboard box for some of the gear.  Luckily this was no problem as we just stopped at the first cardboard bin we could locate and then asked a man working there if he could help us out with an empty box, "Yes," was the answer, see what happens when you just ask?  Back we went to the team at Mainfreight and the gear was on its way.  That was simple and all sorted by 9.15.  Next was meeting Gerard and going into Black Bettys, what a cool place and coffee and brekkie was fab.  The girls chat and we then hatch a plan for the other part of the day, as the weather was rubbish due to wind for the weekend there was now a window of opportunity for a couple of things.  Tricia's Grandad was turning 100 today and the party is tomorrow in Hamilton so she quickly booked a flight for 2.30pm to attend this fantastic milestone and is due back with me on Sunday night for paddling on Monday.  

Then Donna took us out to go clothes shopping. Now this was no normal mall shopping experience as I would run a mile from places like that, I have actual anxiety attacks when it comes to malls and just wandering looking at stuff.   We were heading to some of the coolest shops I have been to and I was about to donate back to some cool charity.  We were about to experience the "Nurse Maude" Hospice Shops and a bargain or two I can assure you were found, and I mean a total bargain.  These places rock my world and we did have some fun.  The money is going to such a great cause, the women in the stores were so much fun and we rocked from location to location. Donna left the best till last, into "Preloved Clothing", Spreydon, thanks to Donna I have donated well today to another charity, and I have something in return for my donation, some cool looking gear to wear on my return to Auckland other than black woollen leggings.  You will all want to know what and where these items will be put in Cuzzie, well they are not coming further south, they are heading back to Auckland in my backpack of unused and not required garments.  This will give me a reason to smile when I open my wardrobe on my return, and each time I wear a garment I will remember my day out in Christchurch with Donna and my unique garments.  I can surely guarantee my woollen leggings will be thread bare by the end and I may have grown to dislike them by then, second hand shopping is very cool, and way cooler on your wallet, great on my feel good factor.

So then were quickly to the airport to drop Tricia off, she had found a couple of cool items for the 100th Bday party.  Bye Tricia, see you on Sunday, enjoy that bumpy plane ride, rather you than me!

Cuzzie was now ready to be collected, I thanked the team for the coolest replacement job and chatted about my trip for awhile before I headed back to Sydney Street to unpack and repack my gear.   I grabbed some lunch and just sat in the sunshine away from the really strong wind that was blowing myself, T2 and Cuzzie about all over the place.  As I was eating my late lunch Gerard arrived home early and asked if I wanted to go for a drive in his coolest little yellow Lotus.  Off we went.  I want one!  I am not joking., Lucy the yellow Lotus car rocked my world big time, she has a serious personality and if you were having a bad day then just go for a drive in her, instantly a happy place.  With the sun on me and the wind in my hair it was truly brilliant.  We raced along up to the top of the Christchurch peaks, looked down to the ocean below, this is a part of NZ I have not even seen and would not ever have seen if not for this trip.  Thank you to the weather gods and this fantastic wind for making me stop for awhile in this city, and even more so thank you to the generous folk we have meet.

Back home in the comfort of my little room, I am eating the hugest T Bone steak that I could find at the butchers, with freshly dug potatoes from the garden with fresh mint and a salad, the simple things are the coolest.

Was I concerned today there was no water action?  To be honest if I was on the water today I would seriously need my brain checking or re wiring, it was ugly out there and not a place for a solo kayak, and I would not have seen or done my crazy fun stuff today.  It was my time now to stop being anxious and stressed about that and to just go with what each day brings, there is always a surprise.

So my first eight days of this New Year have been pretty magical, pretty special and to top it all amazing new and exciting every day.

My smiles today:  
Being asked if I minded telling others my age, heck no, I am proud of my age.
Buying pre-loved clothes and feeling that I was giving back to a cool community.
My T Bone Steak, this makes me smile.
My ride in Lucy the yellow Lotus.  Gerard be careful I know where the keys are and I am home alone tonight, I am most certainly tempted to go cruising!
Seeing Christchurch being rebuilt slowly and to my eyes thoughtfully with some creative touches.

No poem today, but my thoughts:
WOW!  Imagine turning 100 years old!  Now that is a milestone I am unsure I will achieve, but lets just see.  Tricia give your granddad a huge hug from Red.

Till tomorrow, good night from Red, already tucked up in bed with a cup of sweet peppermint tea.


NB: Some of my family history...

I thought you might like to know that I paddled past Menzies Bay yesterday, where my  ancestor (I think) Alexander “Sandy” McIntosh and his wife lived.  

"Alexander “Sandy” McIntosh, who was born in Glasgow in 1799 and died in Christchurch in 1881, and his wife Margaret, nee MacFarlane (b.1801-d.1881).  They were the first settlers of McIntosh Bay (now Menzies Bay) on the north side of Banks Peninsula.  They arrived in NZ in December 1840, in Wellington, with a large family including triplets. They moved to an unnamed Bay on Banks Peninsula in 1848 one of the first settlers in the region . The Bay was named McIntosh Bay till 1878 when it was renamed Menzies Bay after the next settlers in the area."

My sister in law Pauline Hunter also has Ancestors in this area, the Okains and Hunters that were in the area at the same time.  Many are buried at the little church in little Akoloa.

The biggest steak in the world

The biggest steak in the world

New outfit

New outfit