DAY 352...Me, Myself and I

Wednesday 12 October 2016

My evening ended with a bit of a rant down the phone last night. Sometimes I just have to vent and, for the person at the other end of the phone, probably the best thing to do is just listen, to let me have my say. That’s just me, I’m afraid. The only way I know of clearing my head of the heap of negatives I have absorbed, to rid myself of them once and for all. As far as I was concerned they were gone, and feeling far the better for it I curled up in Cuzzie for a good night’s sleep. Not sure that the person at the other end felt the same way though, they probably had a sleepless night as a result!!

I was just on my own today and planned to do the entire coastal walkway. Come early morning, I put on my headphones and started walking. I watched a couple of guys head out on sit-on tops into waves from the Surf Club, to play in the surf and I had lots of fun just watching them catch the waves and also getting nailed surfing back in. One of these days, it’ll be  fun to go out and play in the surf myself for a wee while. As I did this coastal walk, I listened to my Spotify songs, something I haven’t done for many months, and it brought back lots of memories as I jogged and strode the 15km distance. I also had a couple of phone conversations, probably looking and sounding like a real nutter, busy talking to myself!

My list of things to get done today was in the forefront of my mind so, after a late breakfast and with my list on my lap, I got started, since then it hasn’t stopped all day. As my list gets ticks and lines through completed jobs, I start to feel that I’ve at last achieved something on an otherwise off-water paddling day. If I could have weaseled my way out of some things on that list, I certainly would have done so, like forgetting to pay my parking ticket or do the stats for my paddling. They do make for interesting reading if (unlike me) you are into facts and figures! 4645kms paddled so far.

As I shut down my laptop the rain has at last stopped although the wind is still howling but, as I glance out of my camper-van window, I see a beautiful sight: a kite-surfer having so much fun out on the waves, airborne many times and absolutely racing across the water. As he comes into the river mouth to turn he waves at me sitting watching him from the warmth of Cuzzie, away from the cold winds. Maybe, one day, I’ll be brave enough to pursue more training in the kite-surfing world but, for the moment, it’s been a joy just to watch a very skilled athlete take on the West Coast wind and waves, without once crashing into them. 

Now the evening sun is shining. Everyone seems to be out walking their dogs. Some young guys are trying their luck at white-baiting and fishing at the river mouth in between drinking a couple of beers. As for me, my job list has now been completed and I can happily head out to the pools to finish my day. Although many would doubtless call it water torture, for me it is water therapy.

My smiles today:
Walking and jogging to my music.
My job list completed.
Watching a kite-surfing master in action!
Enjoying watching others having fun in the waves.
Seeing the waves meeting the river.
Snow in Queenstown. Anna, how wonderful for you!!

My thoughts today:
I had to smile when I read the following. Somehow it explains me, and my need to vent, exactly.
"I have 99 problems and 86 of them are completely made-up scenarios in my head that I was stressing about for absolutely no logical reason at all!"

Until tomorrow from Red and Cuzzie. 

Ma Te Wa.


Kite-surfing guru.

Kite-surfing guru.