Day 345...Sights and Locations

Wednesday 5 October 2016

An early morning beach walk was what I needed this morning, so with a few layers of clothes on to protect me from the blustery wind, I ran down the very long, steep black sand dune, a natural slide for all the local kids. The sea was looking agitated and nasty as I walked along, but that was only to be expected. The gulls swooped overhead and were in their element in these winds. I left the beach to climb up the steep flight of stairs back to Cuzzie. Anna was already up and eating breakfast on my return, so I joined her. Then it was “Let's get on the road, no point in sitting around when there are things to do and many places to visit!”

Firstly, I wanted to go for a swim. Well, it was a nice thought but, since it’s the school holidays, they remove all the lanes after the morning swimmers have been so no swimming today! Gas bottle filled, water tank filled, then we were on the road. As we drive, I look at the ocean and think “what if” a few times, while Anna looks at the paddocks for sheep and lambs! But then I remind myself that this habit of mine needs to disappear, so I’ve managed to leave my “what ifs” behind for the moment to concentrate on hunting for possible landing places.

We leave the coastline and, after a while, stop for lunch. At our chosen roadside picnic spot, we sight a crazy rooster and feed him the remains of Anna's stale bread. Then we change seats to allow Anna to drive for the rest of the day. Following the main road north, we eventually turn and head back out to the coast, to another harbour entrance at Kawhia. Anna is falling even more in love with this part of the country's rolling green pastures and, of course, with the pine trees and the bush. This is an adventure for me, as I’ve never before been to Kawhia. Tonight is a new location, new people and a new adventure.

Did we do the Waitomo glow-worm caves? Not today, because we are both still trying to decide if we are ready to pay $50 per person. The plan for tomorrow is for hiking and more sightseeing. Somehow, I don’t feel particularly drawn to the small towns hereabouts but am happy to be back at the coast, watching the swells and the encroaching storm.

My smiles today:
Our country’s rolling green hills.
Crazy roaming roosters!
Locating dump stations!
Being able to explore, thanks to Cuzzie!
Getting off the main roads.
Warmth and sunshine.

My thoughts today:
There is such peace and tranquility to be found in this country.

Enjoy your day. Goodnight from Anna and Red. 

Ma Te Wa.