Day 382...More Fishing

Friday 11 November 2016

My Friday is a lot more restful than most I would say. I wander to the beach, check out the waves and the wind, then take a short walk along the beach. The tide was near on high, so not the longest beach to walk on but it’s always lovely walking on the beach really early in the morning; what a great way to start my day!

A couple of cups of tea in Cuzzie, then it was to be a morning for me to help around this wonderful household, doing some chores with Anouchka and Mark; a bit of digging and sorting out some plumbing issues. It was hot work so, once finished, we headed on the quad bikes down for a swim, something that had seemed like a good idea until we actually got over the sand dunes and felt the brisk wind racing across the river, but we soon jumped in to swim and cool off.

A chilled-out afternoon. I even had time to read a couple of pages of my book. Then we were on the quad bikes again, back to the lucky fishing spot. Within forty-five minutes, we not only had more than enough fish to feed ourselves but had also thrown a couple back! Mark was so busy with the fish we kept catching, that he didn’t even manage to sit down in his fishing chair!

A rain storm arrived and we all got a little wet, except for little Louis (the very old Jack Russell) who had his dog jacket on and also because I had wrapped him in a blanket. Back we raced along the sand track, managing to miss the next rain shower, and then it was time for dinner. What a day, with lots of fun things to do and with me helping out where and when I could.

My smiles today:
River swimming.
Crazy outdoor plumbing job!
The kids sitting in Cuzzie pretending to drive.
More fishing, what fun!

My thoughts today:
Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful and magical person you are!

Until tomorrow, goodnight from Red and friends. 

Ma Te Wa.


The only calm moment of our fishing.

The only calm moment of our fishing.