Day 384...Lovely Sunday

Sunday 13 November 2016

You have to have a lovely Sunday. Well, at least I think that’s the way to set yourself up for a great start to a new week. Doing everything you possibly can that’s enjoyable and with others. Today, I lay reading for a couple of hours so as not to disturb Jase from trying to sleep in until a more civilised hour. I succeeded until about 7.30am, by which time I was sure that it was late enough. Well, maybe not because any normal person would probably disagree with this being a sleep-in. Hate to say this out loud, but I’m not exactly normal!

A slow, Sunday breakfast, with many subjects to chat about such as “A team for Godzone!” and a possible “Masters game entry”. (Oh dear, now I’ve put that in writing!) Then, there are other jobs to add to my list of things to keep me busy. I had Jase do a couple more fix-it things on Cuzzie and we also crawled underneath to check a couple of minor issues. It’s always great to have a second opinion. Yes, once in a while, I do listen!

What was on the agenda today? Another quick haircut. Jeez, it seems rather a common occurrence. I have to smile. After all, at the moment it’s the least I can do for the team in exchange for helping me. Then, before I know where the time has gone, it’s time for Jase to head back to Auckland where he has friends to catch up with and lots of stuff to get done before his Monday morning rolls in. As for myself, the family and I have got an afternoon planned down at the river, white-baiting and swimming. Maybe not a swim today for me, but the kids for sure will be up to their necks in the water by the end of the afternoon!

I spend a great few hours helping sieve and sort out the whitebait that was scooped up today. I have to admit that we were a little bit slower netting them today but we still got just over three kilos. Once the white-baiting session is over, I chicken out of a swim and just sit in the warm sand dunes watching the kids, wearing wetsuits and life-jackets, float down in the river current between the two adults. Oh, how cool it is to be kids!

Back home, the whitebait is weighed and safely in their freezer packs, and it’s time to relax before Sunday dinner. Time for me to get my attitude sorted for a great week out and about, discovering new places, meeting others and, generally, totally enjoying my days off the water. I have to laugh at this brave little statement, because I do so try and enjoy each day, and I really do love my altered lifestyle. Although, just once in a while, I do lose my newly-discovered calm mind and start to rant about the weather, the crazy waiting game, and I start casting the finger of doubt at myself! But I have managed to wait and win this weather game before, so wait I will.

To the kayakers following me, I hate to have to tell you yet again, but this up-coming week I’m not going to be able to tell you stories about ocean kayaking, so you are advised to tune out now! Instead, I’ll be looking for some DOC hiking tracks and inland adventures. More storm-watching is certainly on the agenda, as well as some new, vigorous few weeks of training. I have a few goals in the pipeline, I have to say, making sure I’ll be ready to continue this dream of mine and, now it seems, a couple of new challenges after this event.

My smiles today:
Sitting in Cuzzie eating breakfast.
My really simple life.
Families enjoying life.
The sunshine, gosh it’s so good!
Helping forage for food.
“Hi‘s” and “Goodbye's”.
Hairdressing. Really?
Strolling the streets of Port Waikato.

My thoughts today:
Just go outside, your day improves instantly!

Goodnight from Red.

Ma Te Wa.