Day 396...Home Is Where The Heart Is

Friday 25 November 2016

Well, after last night‘s mosquito-killing spree, morning seemed to arrive rather quickly, especially seeing as how we didn’t manage to get to sleep until just on midnight. This morning I tried to lie still, quietly reading stuff on my mobile, so that Bianca could have a well-deserved sleep because early morning starts and driving stints can be just as tiring for the support person as paddling is for me.

I was dreaming idly of pancakes for breakfast so, after a quick, cold morning shower, it was my turn on breakfast duty and I decided to turn that dream into reality. After Bianca had braved a cold shower as well, she returned just in time to sample a successful batch of warm pancakes and she suggested a very cool idea, grating some chocolate over them! Chocolate-covered pancakes it was! Together with some with honey, coconut oil and a squeeze of lemon, after which we both sat smiling at such a successful breakfast.

It started to rain, so we shut the doors and, waiting for the rain to stop, got through various laptop chores. Then we were off to walk the shoreline in a successful attempt to locate a Geocaching box of treasures. First we walked across the beach in very soft sand and some sticky mud as the Kaipara Harbour tide disappeared, then we headed up into the hills and through some housing areas; both of us with very muddy feet, slipping about in jandals (will I never learn?). But it was still nice to be out walking and enjoying a warm windy day now that the rain had stopped.

Back at Cuzzie, we packed up and headed out with our shopping list to the nearest supermarket and then off towards Muriwai to spend the next night or two in a wonderful setting up on the hills looking out over the ocean. By that time, the rain had returned, together with some mist so, for a little while, there was no view at all and we couldn’t even see the ocean until late afternoon. To pass the time, I had a glorious hot bath, while Bianca went for a beach run. Then we loaded up the washing machine a few times, sat and chatted the early evening away, had a wonderful dinner cooked for us, finishing with strawberries and ice cream for dessert. How spoiled can one be? To top off the evening, we were treated to a glorious sunset at the end of the day; just perfect!

The weird thing for me now, is seeing the names of places I know so well and being on the outskirts of Auckland. You are all probably wondering if I’ll go home while waiting on the next fine weather window. The answer is a resounding “No!” I’m more than okay with waiting until the finish of my journey; it just wouldn’t feel right for me otherwise. Tomorrow the weather is due to clear up, so a trip is planned to show Bianca the beautiful bush and other locations in and around this area. There is also a chance to catch up with friends out this way and then we’ll gap it, back towards Kaipara, to view some more hitherto unknown stretches of coastline. But in the meantime, there’s a big comfy bed waiting for me tonight, which in itself will feel weird, not being in my sleeping bag in my cosy little camper-van.

My smiles today:
Pancakes. Total bliss, especially with all the added extras!
Nasturtiums for our salads.
Even closer to my hometown.
Geo caching.
A wonderful friends home, we are made to feel so welcome, thanks Craig.
A big hot bath.
Kaipara so very untouched and unspoiled.

My thoughts today:
Home is where the heart is, and my heart is still most definitely set on completing this journey of mine. 

Goodnight from Red and Bianca. 

Ma Te Wa.


Goodnight from Murawai. Where we are staying tonight.

Goodnight from Murawai. Where we are staying tonight.