Day 380...Whitebait! Lotto! White House! Awaiting Results

Wednesday 9 November 2016

The wind had dropped and the sea looked less wild this morning as I walked to the Sunset Surf Club just on 7am. Despite the wind blowing, this corner was a little protected and looking average this early in the morning, maybe because yesterday looked just so darn terrible.

This morning is about getting ready to go white-baiting, so it was onto the quad bikes, dogs and kids onboard, and across the tracks on the sand dunes towards the river. We saw just one other white-bait scooper on the river-edge and soon we were also in the water and filling our nets. What a lovely few hours we spent in the shelter of the dunes and warmed by the black sand, while sorting the whitebait into the huge bucket which was actually filling up rather quickly. Within a couple of hours, our bucket was full and our tummies rumbling in expectation. We loaded up and returned to the house to bag and weigh our catch and, even more rewarding, to have some large whitebait fritters for lunch. What a successful few hours we had!

The sun kept coming out from behind the clouds and then hiding away again as it was time for me to fling open Cuzzie’s doors and carry on my repairs and maintenance on my wonderful little camper-van. I revisited the problem of the satellite on the roof but trying to get it sorted and working is still a negative. No real worries, it’s now become more of a game than a need to actually get it going.

As we sit watching and waiting for the USA election results and also the Lotto result, I’m not sure which will end up being the more shocking or exciting! What’s making me happiest right at this moment is the fact that I’m off to make pizzas with the kids, crossing my fingers and toes for the results we are all awaiting on. In the meantime, we have the pizza oven heated up and the toppings ready to go. I’m sure the results of our efforts are going to be divine! Weather reports rolled and my down paddle continues. I have most definitely waited lots longer.

My smiles today:
Catching whitebait.
Sitting on warm, black sand dunes.
Being outside, enjoying the warmth of the sunshine.
Sweeping black sand from every crevice of Cuzzie.
An outdoor pizza oven.

My thoughts today:
Always look for good in people.
Not everything you hear or read is necessarily the truth.
Only speak words of kindness.
Never expect anything from anyone, then you’ll never be disappointed.

Until tomorrow, when we will doubtless awake to the headlines to read and discuss interminably.

Goodnight from Red and friends.

Ma Te Wa.


Whitebait scooper at work.

Whitebait scooper at work.

Hard at work.

Hard at work.