Day 402...Summer Time

Thursday 1 December 2016

We opened up the back doors of Cuzzie pre-6am to watch the sun rise up over the lake. Now this is the only way to start your day; lying in a sleeping bag, looking out at the beautiful Kai Iwi lakes morning and drinking a cup of tea! Then it’s time for some breakfast.

I get Louise off the roof racks. No, not for me to paddle, but for Bianca to go out on the calm lake and experience a little of what I do out on the ocean. Off she headed and soon I had lost sight of them both. I sit and, in between emails and phone calls, I look out to the lake, trying to spot the little kayak and hoping that Louise (my little white witch) will paddle nicely for Bianca. I did have a few phone calls and messages to make, sitting on a rug. My office vista is totally stunning, lots of quail scuttle past and they are always so much fun to watch. 

Bianca was gone for about an hour and, as she paddled back in, I got off my backside and waded out to greet her. She had found everything amazing and really enjoyed her kayaking time, having discovered numerous quaint spots around the lake. Then it was then time for a morning swim in the fresh water and we waded out until we got into the deeper turquoise water, floating around and seeing who could descend and try to touch the bottom of the lake; not with a lot of success it must be said! Then it was out with my old beach blanket for a spot of morning sunbathing until the small bugs and flies got way too annoying and it was time to pack up and get on the road to drive south.

We had a few hours driving to do and I wanted to get back to Shelley Beach well before nightfall so as to enjoy some more sunshine hours. Stop-offs for food supplies and also for some diesel and, as we stop, we are spotted by Nat who happens to be driving north to Whangarei! A quick chat in a local cafe, then we’re on our way again. Not having seen the ocean all day, it couldn’t torment me at all. But soon, we see glimpses of the Kaipara as we wind up and along the back roads.

It was nice to arrive at Shelley Beach eventually, to get out of Cuzzie and quickly cook a really late lunch. I have now perfected the art of cooking flat-bread, so I whip up a warm batch smothered in avocado (yum!). Now this little patch at Shelley Beach is still just every bit as beautiful as it was on my last visit. I love the feel of it, small and quaint, and I’ll be escaping and returning here in Cuzzie once this journey has ended; along with a few other lovely locations I have stumbled upon.

An early blog as I sit in the early evening sun, watching the water retreat quickly from this beach, as well as trying hard not to check the weather reports for a few more hours yet. But Mother Nature knows she has me hooked!

My smiles today:
December 1st, the first day of summer.
The sunrise, just beautiful!
Sending Bianca out kayaking.
Swimming in the Kai Iwi lakes.
My quick and yummy flatbread.
Cute little campsites.
Evening sunshine.
Flowering Pohutakawa.

My thoughts today:
Happiness is a choice, your choice.

Goodnight from Red and Bianca. 

Ma Te Wa.


Good Morning Kai Iwi.

Good Morning Kai Iwi.

A morning swim.

A morning swim.