Day 426...A Christmas To Remember

Sunday 25 December 2016

Late to bed and a typically early rise. To be able to watch another beautiful sunrise is just the start to another wonderful day. This home was filled with the aroma of Bianca’s fresh baked brioche and freshly brewed coffee; what a way to start the day! But, before eating the food, we headed out to do a joint circuit workout. During the gym session, I think we all had a moan about something as the sweat poured off us, then it was a stretching session on the lawn in the sun before rewarding ourselves with time to sit and enjoy the warm brioche, homemade strawberry jam and more coffee, as well as chatting to family and friends who called to say "Merry Christmas".

I convinced Jase we should go for a swim, so we walked down the path to the beach and both gasped at the cooler-than-expected water temperature. Then a lovely wander back up the bush track to the house to sit in the afternoon sun, eat some lunch, and make a green smoothie with all the fresh produce and ingredients we have. Then it was off for a very casual play paddle round the rocks nearby. We played in the water, wanting to get wet, swim and generally lark about, and from the pictures, you’ll see we were having fun. Bianca and Jase on a sit-on-top kayak and myself in Louise. This bay was calm and we paddled even without our personal floating devices, it was like being on a motorbike with no helmet, renegade behaviour!

What can I say about the next few hours? We laughed so much, it’s a wonder someone didn’t fall in the water! We had a glorious few hours, with Santa hats on our heads and a set of crazy fun antlers, we looked a crazy bunch on the water. Back on the beach we played around in the waves, swimming and jumping off Jase’s shoulders, and we all declared this was a Chirstmas day to remember.

Back at the lodge, we rinse off in an outdoor warm shower (total bliss) cook a small turkey dinner (with the works) and sit outside enjoying a celebratory glass of champagne. Then, sadly, it was time to pack Cuzzie to head north to return to what this journey is about and (hopefully) getting ready to paddle. Let's see how we go.

My smiles today:
A NZ beach Christmas is the best.
The entire day. Thanks Santa!
Taupo Bay Lodge warm outdoor shower. Bliss!

My thoughts today:
Fill your life with experiences, not things.
Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.

Goodnight from Red and the team. 

Ma Te Wa.