DAY 112...A Rainy day in Doughboy Bay

Monday February 15

I lay in my tent early this morning, long before sunrise.  There was no need to get out of my sleeping bag to check the wind, I could feel it blowing the walls of the tent.  I lay there for a while and just listened.  I would rather sleep in my tent any day than spend the night in a DOC cabin, it feels so refreshing out here.  

The tide is still going out so I will wait a while longer before I go out to the end of the beach.  I want to cross over to a small island to hunt for paua and try my luck at fishing.  I may try and get a few kms further along the coast tomorrow or later tonight when the wind drops.

The sand flies are up and abut already, crazy little things can still fly in these strong winds.  Then there is the bumble bees, they bombard you all the time, I am not even sure how they can fly on a calm day.  Friendly wee things, they are very attracted to anything blue.

There was lots of rain this morning, we both wanted to rinse off all the salt water and sand from out bodies.  Once all the trampers had left we had quick bucket washes, there were less sand flies when it was raining, quite the bonus when you need to strip clothes off!

Washed and clean we swept and tidied up the DOC hut and sat inside to play cards while listening to the rain fall on the roof.  Nat asked me a couple of times if I was sure the tent was waterproof, and would our sleeping bags stay dry, so I wandered out to check.  All was fine.

While I was outside I heard a plane approaching, Ray from Stewart Island Flights was back with four hunters and all of their gear.  We put coats on and dashed out in the rain to help them unload their 400 plus kilos of food, drink and gear for the next ten days.  They had it all piled high on the beach and we worked as a team to get it all back to the dry hut.  These guys packed it all!  A huge 20kg bag of spuds, (which I had my eye on) a fresh water gas hot shower, lots of beer and so much food!  It was nice to see new faces and we all yarned over mugs of hot tea while we dried out.  They are actually damn hilarious, had Nat and I holding our sides with laughter.

We made a pot of my new favourite food, popcorn covered in coconut oil, salt and honey, yum!  Still being sparing with the food as I am not sure how long MN will keep me here. we are trying hard to eat less and slowly.

The rain eventually stopped and the wind calmed for a spot, but there were still large swells in the bay.  I went looking for tuatua, but only found a very small number of small ones.  I will go fishing tomorrow hopefully.  I wandered the beach from one end to the other, wading as I went.  I just love the peace here, I am glad to have found this tranquil place, pretty damn magical.  Nat is reading and the men have gone hunting, the rain is back but I do not mind as long as the wind and swells stay strong. 

My smiles today:
Waking to wind on the tent walls.
Watching the rain.
Unloading the plane in the rain.
Talking to new people who love this place as well.

My thoughts today:
Wether it is raining or sunny, calm or windy, just get outside and feel Mother Nature!  She makes  you smile when you are at one with her.


Tenting among the flax plants

Tenting among the flax plants