DAY 117... Fire tending

Saturday 20 February

Wind and rain overnight meant my pots have collected lots of water and my fire is well and truly sodden!  It is a little weird, I have to keep reminding myself of where I am.  It is day eight since I left civilisation in Bluff and I am happy.

This morning I slept until it stopped raining, then set about rebuilding my fire.  I cooked myself a breakfast of cornmeal bread with cinnamon, coconut sugar and honey.  It was yummy and I sat in a patch of sunshine while I ate.  As I watched the tide slowly creep in I realised that it would be too late to gather mussels and I would have to wait till dinner time.

Most of my day became about firewood collecting, I tried to dry out my kayaking gear and heated stream water so I could have another wash and not turn totally feral!  I also kept moving my solar panel around, making sure I made the most of the sunshine.  No good breaks in the wind to get out for a paddle, I can see small white caps out there, and I can feel the bigger gusts.  I promise myself that tomorrow I will paddle round to the next bay, Islet Cove.

I received a message asking what I am thinking about while I sit and wait for the weather to change.  Not a lot!  I try to keep the fire going, not just for warmth but for the comfort it brings, it is weird how the glow of a fire makes everything seem okay.  Ask me that one again after I have been in the same spot for a couple of weeks, I am sure it will be a different answer!  I cross my fingers and hope that it will not come to that.

Hot water boiled and time for a mug of ginger tea, followed by a pre-dinner nap.  I am not sure how many mussels I will consume on this trip, or how many is too many!  No complaints though, its free food.  As for the fishing, (Mr. Thompson) I seem to have left most of my gear at Doughboy Bay, and can only find a lure, so the fish are safe for now.  Big winds and swells predicted tomorrow, so it will be another day of just the birds and my fire to keep me company.  

It was nice today to receive a couple of positive messages when I was checking in for weather reports, it makes me smile.  I will be back in reception soon enough, so for now I am asking MN to be kind for two or three more days.

My smiles today:
My life being as simple as me, my tent and nature.
Collecting fresh rainwater.
Sitting on a huge rock watching the ocean
My new best friend, the fire.
My ability to fill the entire day with little chores.

My thoughts today:
Nothing profound and nothing intense today, just glad to be healthy, well and patient.


My Fire

My Fire