DAY 122...Oban

Thursday 25 February

I spent the day in this amazing small community, absorbing the fantastic energy even on a rainy day.  I was at Halfmoon Bay School by 10 am to chat to a class, after I had peppermint tea at the local French/Kiwi Cafe, where I chatted to a total stranger, Chris from Oxford, about his travelling.  I meet the real, genuine and happy staff at Glowing Sky, they stock genuine NZ made merino clothing, if you like Merino clothing check them out.  Their staff, clothes and atmosphere, what a true gem

I was then up to the community centre for a local craft fair.  I said hi to Dave the greenstone carver and others, Sophie and partner (THANKYOU for following RedzNZJourney and your donation). Hi to Phil Dove, we will kayak for sure one day in Paterson Inlet when I return.  I then went to the food area where I had to have four bbq skewers of mussels wrapped in bacon, insanely mouth watering.

All the time the rain was falling, MN was having a bad day in her world, but through it all I smiled.  Splashing through big warm puddles of water in my crocs, wearing my faithful lucky baggy black leggings and my beloved black Sharkskin jacket.  This Jacket (the biggest thank you to Tim Curran) I have worn everyday of my journey.

My smiles today:
The kids at Halfmoon Bay School, you totally nailed it for me.  To inspire the younger generation, actually these kids today inspired me, we had fun and thank you.  This memory is with me forever.  Follow, message me, keep dreaming big kids, the morning with you has made my Stewart Island journey complete.  THANK YOU ALL.

My thoughts for today: (and for many of my days lately, just taken me many days to word)
As 2016 arrives and quickly sweeps along, I look at my next 2 plus months and the challenge in front of me and take a moment to breathe deeply.  While I am sitting looking out at the ocean I reflect on the last 122 days, my ups and my downs.  So far none have been as harsh as the insane depression grenade that exploded in my lap a few years earlier, to be a carer of someone with depression is the toughest.  I remind myself of the strength I needed to get through the hard days of helping someone dear to me (my son) deal with depression and thankfully now I look back at this intense hard time and smile a little, for this is the reason I started living for me and my dream.  

So I ask you all to spread my message and my journey, again to please look at a small donate to this charity MHFNZ as they are doing inspiring things.  If not a donation, then please tomorrow take a moment to breathe in your day.  Look around your friends, your work colleagues, the person struggling in the queue at the supermarket and check are they truly doing okay.  Maybe they are needing some help but are too proud to ask.  Make it easy for them and offer.

It is my personal mission this year to look a little deeper, for a moment longer, at my true friends and offer them some of my strength.


Halfmoon Bay School kids, T2 and Red

Halfmoon Bay School kids, T2 and Red