DAY 124...Invercargill

Saturday 27 February

Last night I could not feel tired, after a massive yummy dinner out at Buster Crabbs to celebrate the last section of paddling I just sat in Cuzzie and listened to the gale force winds rocking us back and forward violently.  It was crazy how strong they had become.  It was well after 1 am that I convinced myself to close my eyes and sleep.  It was weird and cool at the same time to be back sleeping in Cuzzie, it felt like I was in a 5 star hotel!  I sat with a hot cup of tea in my sleeping bag smiling for a long time.  Then as I woke this morning it was calm and quiet.  I lay there for a while and listened to the silence, where had the winds gone to?  They soon were to return.

Today was a me and gear maintenance day and a list making day for stuff I needed to replenish and replace for the Fiordland section.  Me first, dye pot on my head!  Scissors out to cut my fringe, then a large machine load of washing!  That ended up being done twice as so much sand and fire smoke in some of my gear that poor Nats clothes and mine looked liked they had been washed in a sandpit!  Oops, what a mess, damn and blast sand filled clothes, so most were returned to the machine for a second wash.  At last clean and on the line to dry it was time to head for an appointment in town.  As always my stomach started to rumble so it was leftovers for lunch, a race back to our campsite before our clothes got rained on and then with full stomachs we were off to go food shopping.  We were looking for new food options for the Fiordland section and so we went to three separate supermarkets!  Totally not a way to spend your Saturday.  After this we headed back to try and escape the wind, I mapped out the fiordlands and looked at some distances, also packed up unwanted used gear to return to home.  Nat rested for awhile and I cooked a nice dinner, pork ribs, mash and wilted greens.

It has been a catchup day, and more to be done tomorrow, sight seeing as well until this damn wind drops again.

My smiles today:
Meeting and chatting to many others about my journey.
Clean and dry, de-sanded clothing.
A creative yummy home cooked dinner.
At last being able to focus on my forward planning of the next section.

My thoughts today:
Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself

Goodnight from Red and Nat

Curious sheep

Curious sheep