DAY 103...More Catlins

This morning was planned but before the support crew woke and got up I headed for a walk down to the beach.  I wanted to wake up slowly to the sound of the sea and the seagulls, to feel the cold wind in my face, the water and wet sand under my feet, a daily reminder of what journey I am on.  I watched a SUP boarder go out in the morning water and waves, he was on and off his board quite a bit but seriously having some fun.  Within an hour I was back to get breakfast sorted and forced to eat.  I was not that hungry so I ate silently, not really firing on all cylinders today, but getting there.

We got ready and headed to do a long bush and water walk today.  The Catlins River Wisp loop track is about a 40 min drive from Kaka Point.  Once we got going and out there it was extremely enjoyable amongst the beech forest, moss and all of the native forest and bush.  We crossed three swing bridges as the track weaved up, down and around the water cascading over rocks and small waterfalls.  Everywhere I looked was breathtaking, serene and beautiful, so different from the North Island walks.  Considering it is a popular DOC track in the four hours we walked we only saw four other people!  

We stopped for a late lunch on a large flat rock with the stress flowing away from us.  We chatted and rested then decided we had better get going and get me back to reality.  It is always good to walk as we chat and pre plan the next few days and just discuss the previous days, life, what and where we all hope to be in the next few months.  New dreams, new aspirations, new lives, new starts.  It always seems to be simple and clearer, the best thing is no cell phone coverage, no internet.  I like that a lot.

The hike has done us both a lot of good, our speed and fitness is nearly equal so we do go a a rather quick pace, I could never say that myself or Jase stroll anywhere!  It is always done at speed and we are on each other's heels continually.

The weather through the trees is looking better and the sky is clearing.  It is always hard to know what is happening on the coast when you are deep in the bush, but that was of no concern to me as we were sticking to our plans we made last night.  Thanks Leith, your email was read, absorbed and I am following instructions!  I will smile at your comment about lay days from now on.

Back at Cuzzie we are now on a mission, I have got to knock out about an hours paddle to get as close to Nugget point as possible for an early morning start to my day.  If I do this today then it makes tomorrow hopefully a little easier, and I just need to be in the water.
Off I headed to the beach to have a quick dip in the ocean, a very fast cold swim, dinner and then final planning for a paddle day tomorrow, I will be in bed by 10.30pm.

My smiles today:
More beautiful Catlins country and treks today.
Sitting on river rocks eating lunch, so simple but way cool, better than any cafe atmosphere.
Northerly winds are coming late tonight.
Bluff I am getting closer.
Sea view from Cuzzie tonight.
Steak for dinner, my favourite

My thoughts today:
Positive thoughts seem to give me energy and strength, negative thoughts make me feel tired and strained.  Best I say that thought every morning.


Swing Bridge!

Swing Bridge!

Nugget Point

Nugget Point