DAY 126...Filling the Tins

Monday 29 February

Huge blustery wind, rain and cold this morning when we awoke.  At least the large water feature that was forming late last night under Cuzzie had disappeared, but Nat still felt as if we had been in the movie "The Wizard of Oz" and had just been caught in a massive tornado and swept up and dumped in another world!  As she woke she asked if we where in Kansas or the land of Oz?  We got sorted and packed ready for our return into Invercargill and final gathering of stores for me.  Today I felt as if we got anymore food for this trip I was going to make T2 explode at the seams and it was making me feel sick shopping for it all, but Nat was on the thought pattern I may run out and that was not going to happen on her watch.

I spent some of my time today chatting to the students at S I T about my journey and my dream, thanks for the invite and thank you for listening.

Next we headed off to meet up with an Auckland friend who is now living in Invercargill, Tania it is so great to catchup with you.  Thank you for the big bed to sleep in and the chance to spread out and charge things, vacuum pak some meat (Tim this little unit is brilliant, we my return it one day) and freeze things ready for my trip.  

It is cold tonight only 8 degrees.  It is colder than I like, best I get paddling north soon.  Now all that is left is to get going, it is a waiting game and I am a little over waiting.  While waiting I am solving small battery pack/charger issues, there is always something.  Bluff oyster season tomorrow and I am going looking for some to buy and eat.

Sitting in a big house and watching a TV seems strange to me.  Cuzzie and my small world is now the norm and everything else feels strangely odd.  I even have decided to sleep in my sleeping bag on the bed tonight so as not to get to accustomed to a house and being away from my campervan/tent life.

Time now for bed, after my hot tea, dark chocolate and crystallised ginger.

My smiles today:
Jar of hot fresh mint tea, my new drinking cup!
Feeling good about sharing my life stories to others, and my dreams.
My warm knitted beanie from the second hand shop, I wore it all day.
The vacuum pak machine, truly Nat & I kept looking for extra things to vacuum pak!
Sitting in the sunshine.
Roasted chicken frames, now this is a fav of mine!
The Bin Inn store having everything I needed today.
Nat buying new running shoes.

My thoughts today: (I located this piece of inspiration on the wall at Tania's house)
Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.

Goodnight from a chilly Invercargill

Mmmmm, chicken frames

Mmmmm, chicken frames

Meat, meat and more meat!

Meat, meat and more meat!