Message From the Wild South-West Coast

As I look out towards the incredible west coast I take a deep breath to digest this incredible journey I am on.  I have completed so much so far and I am now asking you all to please share my amazing incredible journey with everyone you know: every corporation, individual, company director, marketing guru...just everyone.  I want to spread the word but now I need your financial backing to help with the dream.  In return I offer myself, my drive and determination, my inspiration and my incredible vision and story to assist others to motivate, goal set, dream big, have positive smiles and to be happy with the simple.  MHFNZ is an incredible organisation, striving to help others deal with and care for the mentally ill and depressed, whether as a carer or the sufferer.  I personally can relate to all as a carer who had a grenade explode in her lap, I have an incredible story to be told from this journey and I need someone now with the same vision as mine, an incredible big heart, an open mind and a dream big attitude like I have to set out on this adventure.  I am positive there is a company, organisation or individual who would like to connect with me and the team to dream big and open eyes.  In return I will dedicate myself to you, free time for presentations, my name, my inspiration.  I am not trying to fly to the moon or to climb the himalayas, just paddle.

Please share and contact Nat (, 021881534) if you can assist in any way, we are looking for anything, from $10 to $20k.

Thank you

Big Hugs to you all