DAY 144...Cascade Cove to Beach Harbour

Friday 18th March

As I went to sleep last night I could hear the Morepork and the guys on Chasin' Beaver having a great time, it was nice to hear some voices, kind of comforting.  I woke early and lay in my warm cocoon until I could not stay still any longer.  I started packing my gear down and getting ready for another days paddle, we had agreed to wait a while late today so I did not get too much current.  I packed everything into T2 and headed over to say goodbye to the CB team.  They were cooking up breakfast, which they offered me as well, so I chatted and sat on board eating bacon, eggs, beans and toast washed down with a large mug of coffee, yumbo.

We talked and laughed and it was an enjoyable hour spent, then it was time for me to push off towards Long Island, Porpoise Point and Acheron Passage.  As I left Cascade Cove the yachting couple from Pickersgul Harbour motored past saying the the weather out there is bad for the next few days.  I so wanted to stay at Cascade Cove but my paddle was all in and around the sheltered sounds, hopefully only a 30km day and it would be fine.

It was another enjoyable, gob-smackingly beautiful paddle day, there was mist, rain, sunshine and it was totally magical.  There is nowhere like this in the North Island, and as I paddled I thought every bad day, every tough paddle stroke was worth it, to see these sounds from T2 and feel the majestic feeling from the mountain and terrain.  Seals, shags, seagulls all drifted past me.

I stayed tucked next to the magnificent cliffs most of the time and just looked up, it was like paddling on a clam lake.  As I paddled into Acheron Passage, I again had to pinch myself, oh how cool, this passage leading from one sound to another, how the heck did Captain Cook feel when he discovered these places, what a magic time.  I stopped halfway down the passage to eat some lunch, more crayfish (thanks to the CB team).  It was so quiet, peaceful, totally overcoming in fact, so grand, just me in tiny T2 just sitting.

Off I set for my final destination Sunday Cove or Beach Harbour.  I was not sure as I reached Sunday Cove, there was not a location for a little kayak to pull in or camp easily so I pushed on to Beach Harbour.  Beaches here but again I did not want to pull in and stop paddling so I glided further down the sounds for a little while.  With my tracker on I got a couple messages saying,  "You may have gone too far!  You have missed the beach!" Thanks guys for watching, I turned and headed back and it was getting close to 5pm and I had things to set up, like my tent!  Then it started to rain, so by the time I had the tent up and flysheet over I was dripping wet.  I threw my gear into the tent, closely followed by me to dry off.  Messages sent to say I was okay then dinner to cook.  Crayfish and blue cod, how divine.  When can you say you have eaten too much crayfish?  Never!

Another delightful beautiful day in the sounds.  Thanks NZ for having such amazing coasts, you continue to surprise and delight me.  I sit in my warm, dry tent eating crayfish, messaging people and just thinking holly heck you are one very lucky person, what a dream.

My smiles today:
Breakie with the CB team.
Two crayfish eaten today, you jealous?
Calm glass like ocean :)
Acheron Passage, you made me smile
Rain on my tent
Food parcel getting closer

My thoughts today:
To my support team who have total belief and faith in me I am truly grateful to you all.

Goodnight from Beach Harbour, from Red and T2

PS:  Today (15 April) Red paddled into Jackson Bay.  This has been her first contact with the crew in 43 days!  She is off having a hot shower and is looking forward to sleeping in Cuzzie tonight, away from the wind and sandflies.  She will be paddling again tomorrow and I will endeavour to get some blogs and pictures up while she is on the water, thanks for your patience.  N.