DAY 165...Anita Bay

Friday 8th April

Sleep away today, maybe it could be the answer.  Well that was my thought pattern last night as I lay down.  The water feature underneath my tent did not return and I happily could feel the stone paving floor underneath me last night as I lightly slept.  At 6am I woke, no rain had fallen and the sounds of rocks and the waves had gone, it was now just a soft ocean lapping the shore.  The storm had passed.  No point getting up yet as it is still pitch black outside. I  doze, I think I shift from side to side giving relief to my hipbones from the hard ground and trying to enjoy my cocoon of warmth I was in.  

By 8am I was up, sitting on the beach, looking at the fishing boats heading into Milford and sending nagging, incessant messages to Nat and Jase to say where is the wind?  Don't et me wrong, it was the patient and accepting side of Red just needing assurance.  Seriously, I am waiting for them all to say go jump off a cliff you crazy lady!  They respond to all of my questions which I keep sending till I am calm.  I just sit and enjoy the cool breeze, the sunshine and then the wind.  I am in a bay you insane, irrational idiot, even the fishing boats are finding the waves and swell challenging as they near and disappear between each wave and swell set.

Okay lecture given to myself, breakfast, sweet hot coffee and enjoy the lack of pesky bugs, enjoy a day of sitting in the sun recharging myself and my electronics.  I stroll, my bare feet smothered in greasy insect repellant and I watched the odd sandfly drown in it.  I empty out the rain water from T2's cockpit and open the hatches so everything can air, especially my stash of potatoes.  I surely must not waste even one, they are my favourite food on this trip, I don't care how heavy they are.  Milford Sound has today turned on a most beautiful day for me, not a cloud in the sky, glistening water, now rippling with the wind that is funnelling over the cliffs from the South.  A couple of smaller boats are nestled in the nooks and are fishing and diving on the outside of the marine reserve.  I am nearly tempted to go for a wee paddle but it never quite happens.  I am just enjoying not being damp and for T2 to air and my things to dry fully.

I am still sitting in the sun, there is nothing more pleasant and calming for me now and I can see the swell and white caps at the entrance to the Sound.  It is a no go for me and it helps me relax.  Mrs. Weka and the other birds I have not seen for a few days, she must have got bored with me and my beconite treasures as no more have been stolen.  Planes, helicopters, tourist cruise ships and ferries pass by on their Milford Sound loop.  I am sure the ferries come closer to my spot on Anita Bay, telling a new story of this crazy lady waiting on the beach to paddle further North, but I am unsure if this is actually true, I couple toot and I wave back.

Anita Bay is beautiful.  I have been blessed to have stopped here and seen the rain and the sunshine that Milford Sound has to offer.  What will my memories be?  The water bed under my tent, and my Friday of sunshine.

I think everyone is going to be asking me the same question once this epic section is over, "How do you cope being on your own?"  To be honest, If I was in need of humans and others company every day then this would not be a pleasant time, but I like my silent, solo times and Fiordland has provided me with many.  It seems just when I needed to talk or share or get something an amazing character, far more than I would have imagined, comes along.  Most nights I have spent solo but memories have kept me smiling and been my company on this leg.  Again I send my thanks to all.

To everyone who has donated to me and this cause either with encouragement by message, comments on my blog, or by donations to the team and charity, big hugs and thanks from Red.

The last night of a fire at Anita bay, my last wander along the beach, the last chance for the sandflies to have a munch and my last chance to eat the amazing mussels off these rocks. Thanks Anita Bay, Milford Sound, an incredible, unforgettable three days.

My smiles today:
Sunshine all day, beautiful.
Mussels, I never tire of them.
My bed and my warm cocoon.
My life at the moment.

My thoughts today:
A quote sent through from Nat "Enlightenment isn't found with a full stomach or on a soft pillow" Conrad Anker


Last night at Anita Bay

Last night at Anita Bay