DAY 146...Aboard the Tutoko

Sunday 20th March

Rain, rain and rain.  The thundering winds came back at midnight but as I was out of the wind tunnel now so everything stayed put.  I was nice and dry and warm as fresh toast so I lay in bed until 8am and finally got up in between rain showers.  I headed to the stream furtherest away from me to attempt to wash my hair and have a quick refreshing wash down.  I have found it is best to attempt this when it is raining as there are no sandflies.  When I was still on the beach I saw a small dingy out on the water heading towards my end of the lagoon.  I stood, watched and waited, not sure if I wanted to meet them while I was mid wash!  They were heading my way and came to say hi. Meri from bluff had told them to that I was in their area.  He then uttered the magic words, "Would you like a hot shower?"  "YES!"  Was my enthusiastic reply so with shampoo, conditioner and razor already in my pocket I jumped in the dingy and went over to the launch to meet everyone.

Showered and dried with a fluffy white towel, fed and watered with hot coffee and a big meal, matched only by the big smile on my face.  I chatted with everyone and they were great company.  I was aboard the Tutoko, a Fiordland Exhibiditions charter boat.  To Dianne, Dave and everyone else, thank you for picking up this 'Kayaking Hitch-Hiker'.  At about 1.30pm they were heading back to Doubtful Sounds so I jumped ship and waved goodbye, big hugs and fond farewells.  

I spent the next few hours rearranging my tent, airing and wiping the floor of dead sandflies, sand and leaves, and generally marveling at how clean I was for a change!  I reset everything and sat down to a meal of chocolate bars and chippies, courtesy of the guys aboard Tutoko.  I was nice and content with a warm, full feeling.  I wandered outside to check on T2 and Tutoko arrived back.  They had turned around at Breaksea due to bad weather and I was back on board for the evening, how blessed am I?  We had so much fun, and I even had some shooting practise from the boat.  

Thank you all for my day today, it will be with me forever.  So much inspiration was to be found with this bunch of guys.  It was an incredible day and I will stop by to say hi as I paddle up the North Island.

My smiles today:
What can I say about today?  I am TRULY BLESSED.  My smiles are for Tutoko and all aboard.

My thoughts today:
There are some amazing cool people in these 'Sounds'.


Waving goodbye to the Tutoko

Waving goodbye to the Tutoko