DAY 149...The Waiting Continues

Wednesday 23rd March

During the night I wake on and off, it is a weird feeling to hear the rain but not on the roof of the tent, I get up & down a fair few times to check on T2 and just stare into the darkness outside. There is a mast light back in the harbour and I presume it is Derk back from checking out the seas past the Breaksea Sounds, it must have been as bad as the forecast had said.  For those who have not been or visited this area, it can be calm and tranquil in one of the sounds, totally protected from the winds yet when you set out on to the coastline then wham you are hit by the fierce winds and swells, they can be the polar opposites so you have to have faith in those sending you the weather forecasts. 

I got up early and sat up on the front deck watching the sunrise, the change of colours of the clouds and sky to a bright pink.  The mist falling down the massive, steep, green, tree covered mountains and the birds starting to sing early in the morning.  It was again another caged tiger moment, but seeing the little yacht of my Canadian friend back in our harbour made me realise it must have been rough out there for him to have returned, so ignored my crazy thoughts of what if and maybe. 

Coffee made (thanks Myra B team) I sat and messaged the team.  As it was calm T2 & I headed around the bay's to see the DOC team and say hi, let them know I was okay and update them about my VHF.  It was a lovely calm paddle on this dark green ocean, T2 rather weighted down at the back all pre-loaded for the trip north, the front hold still rather empty until the final pack up of my more essential items which I am still using.   The DOC team were heading out to check on any sightings of a seaweed they are trying to eradicate, so as they got into their gear we chatted about general stuff, they actually gave me a copy of today's newspaper to read!  I grabbed some note paper from them as well to write my blogs on to, as my new notepad is in my goodie supply pack at Blanket Bay.

I said my farewells and then I paddled T2 around a few islands into little nooks and channels just to look around as I had plenty of time.  Nowhere to go today and no need to fish yet as I have still got kingfish to eat.  I hoped to see the dolphins again further into the sounds, but alas they stayed away.  The clouds were getting lower and the mist was rolling in, so as my tummy started to rumble I paddled back to grab lunch.  I had fresh eggs, what a treat after so many days without them, it was a pretty yummy lunch.  The good basics are always best, I made a fried omelette thingy with potato and tomato with fresh lettuce salad.  Honestly I have missed my greens and salads.

This afternoon I had another attempt to look inside my VHF, still no better.  As I was told before I set out, "Expect everything to possibly break!"  I have read the paper, tried to do the crossword, did not even attempt the Sudoku and watched the rain start to fall heavily out of the sky.  I have rechecked and wiped down some of my dry bags, watched the black oyster catchers on the beach squabble over shellfish they have found at low tide, listened to the waterfalls gushing into the streams and falling directly into the ocean, listened to the native parrots and other birds as well.  The dark water slips past me as the tide goes out and then I hear the sound of dolphins surfacing for air.  Finally at 7pm they glide past me on the launch heading slowly through Beach Harbour, similar to yesterday but later, so I did see them again today, another gold memorable moment. 

To everyone, I am dry, I am warm, and yes I am okay.  I am staring at the rain, even it falling into the dark water is beautiful and serene, I could stare at it for hours.  Very much like a mind meditation, but, I am ready now please MN let me paddle again north just a little, it would be great to celebrate my Easter by a couple of sunny days and a couple of really nice big paddling days north.  Otherwise I may become a resident in this stunning sound.

My smiles today: 
The rain falling into this dark deep ocean is beautiful.
The dolphins returned as I wished they would.
My inner happiness.  Very Special.
Talking to the DOC team, they are doing a great job trying to keep the sounds pest free.
My dry paddling and camping gear, T2 moored waiting to push north.
Finally...Lol, a mirror!  Yikes is that what I look like?!

My thoughts today: 
Each day on this journey I say thank you to everybody who has helped me.  Helped me to get started, helped along the way and been supportive every paddle stroke I take on this journey.  You are such an important reason I am able to live this incredible time.  Without you all it would be impossible.  I am forever going to be grateful.