DAY 158...Roast Lamb Dinner and Story Time

Friday April 1st

I awoke before 5am, my crazy mind and body sometimes hate to sleep, no ability to doze.  I sit on my huge double bed, knees curled up, warm and dry in my sleeping bag, wondering about T2, my tent and belongings.  I also wonder about my crazy day yesterday and why?  So many chance meetings and my mad hitch hiking out of Bligh Sound.  This journey has restored in me my faith in human's genuine, natural, good nature.  If you live too long in a crazy city world everyone seems to step over or around people in need, we are all too busy to stop and help.  Cities seem to have taken away our souls.  We all put on our pretend faces and never stop to really listen to others.  It's more about 'What can this person do for me?' 

This morning is spent with fingers crossed for my courier parcel arriving early.  If not I will have to just smile, remember everything happens for a reason and go with the flow on this matter, nothing I can do but wait.  It seems colder in Milford today compared with a few days ago when I was further south, no sunshine just a constant pitter patter of rain that I can hear outside.

Soon the others on board Honey start to stir, Jude was up, coffee on to brew and we then were heading towards the wharf to make contact with all.  Firstly to see if there was any news on my additional parcel and secondly to help Jude carry the family's washing up to the Milford Sound Lodge to use the machines and dryers.  I touched base with Wayne to see who was heading South, to see when and who I could catch a ride with.  The Milford Sound Lodge was such a helpful place, customer service 10+, friendly 10+, everything we asked for was answered with a smile.  Ronan what an amazing person and a truly awesome place, you were a pleasure.

We sat and talked while waiting for the laundry to wash and dry, we checked the weather and we both agreed that Milford Sound, you rock, we like this magical place.  I headed back to see Wayne, mindful Amazon was due to be headed out soonish, maybe luck was on my side, my parcel had arrived and I could return to my tent and T2.  No, not going to happen, too simple, too easy.  Wishful thinking Red.

I got a few things sorted and had a weather update, yuck for me until Tuesday, and Wayne had organised for me to get a ride back down to Bligh on Wednesday morning with a cray boat, coincidently the one had encountered the other day on my way from Des to Bligh.  We then headed back to Honey for lunch and a debrief.  It is calm, tranquil and misty in Milford, it is unique, amazing and astoundingly beautiful.

There is a film crew in the area filming Alien, there are people on half day kayaking trips but there is still plenty of peace and quiet.  I can still get the feeling of solitude and peace.  I am still in awe of this place.  Another day, another day with no paddling and maybe I should be back at my tent in Bligh Sound, I really hope I am not leaving things to chance and that stuff goes missing.  A part of me said just go back and wait for the Inreach to be delivered on the next cray boat, oh what to do.

Jude and Ron Olds from MV Zora invited us over for dinner tonight to visit and chat with them.  They have made an amazing rebuild of this gorgeous old fishing boat, what a lot of craftsmanship and love that has been put into this craft.  They have many stories of travelling the ocean on their yacht for 16 years, Jude you must complete writing your book!  The stories you have would be amazing.

What an amazing day I have had, we went on adventures in the dingy on the river, I sat and  listened to Ella read us a story from her book and then Jude read a chapter of a whaling book, it has been such a special time for me.  I have felt so welcomed onboard and so included in their daily lives, they share their days with me like an old friend, it will never be forgotten.  Seriously great roast lamb for dinner, such cool kids, so envious of what they have experienced in their lives so far.  I feel privileged to be able to share in their time, stories and lifestyle.

Back on Honey after our dinner out, rain is falling steadily outside and my mind wanders back to T2 and my tent.  I look to the sky and ask for it all to be safe and okay.  It seems as though it will be seven days before I hit the water again, but maybe, jut maybe it will be earlier.  I want to go back and rejoin T2 and my tent, I want to feel connected with them again.  I miss my tiny little life and my small little world, I want to make sure my red kayak and my tent are safe, they have looked after me well on this trip.

My mind also says again and again, how can I ever say thanks enough to everyone.  You know what, I actually cant.

My smiles today:
The Milford Sounds Lodge.
Having a story book read to me as part of a family.
Sharing musical family stories with Jude (ah, musical mothers!)
Roast lamb dinner, perfect.
Chatting to Meri back in Bluff, updating her on my whereabouts.  Thanks Meri for your happy voice and your updates.
This boating community.

My thoughts today:
People should not think they know someone by just hearing a chapter from your life. They should stop, listen and read your entire book before judging or making comment.  We all have a story to tell before being judged.


Paddling upriver with the Crowe family

Paddling upriver with the Crowe family