DAY 167...Barn Beach First Day

Sunday 10th April

At 7.30am I was up and out, it was low tide and I was keen to go food foraging.  There were lots of rocks to clamber on and you know what I found?  Nothing.  Better luck tomorrow.  How strange it seemed but maybe I was still a little blurry eyed from my restless sleep.  I know one thing, I seem keen to test how well I bounce when I slip over on the rocks.  Again down I went with a thump, as nimble as dumbo the elephant.  The tide was way out and I ambled about for a couple of hours until I was driven back to my tent by the sandflies.  Honestly, today they have been insane, my entire tent door, my flysheet, me, my kayak gear, my hair when washing it in a stream, INSANE, INTENSE BUGS.  I said there were hardly any yesterday, well they must have been off gathering their mates to come back with today.  They were out in horrendous numbers and a massive cloud followed me about wherever I went.  They do not like me as much when I spray myself from top to toe in repellant but they still hover around hoping to locate an untainted spot and they always do.

I treat myself and chat to a few by messages back and forth while I eat my brekkie inside the tent, washed down with my morning pot of sweet coffee.  Then I go for a long beach walk along a track of stones, over massive piles of driftwood and listen to the big waves smash into the shore.  A lot of deer hoof prints by a small marsh lagoon and I see a couple of black swans!  Also the normal black oyster catchers and a cute little lizard.

I convinced myself to give my kayak gear a wash in the fresh water and I have left them to dry on T2, I lit a fire and stood in the smoke to hide from the sandflies.  I look at the wave sets planning my escape and dreamed of a massive pile of crispy fried potatoes with heaps of salt.  Strange the things I am wanting to eat, a huge steak would be nice as well.  I spent time just lying in the tent listening to what sounds like raining the roof, but no it is just the resident bugs trying to get inside to join me.

Feeling low tonight I head in another direction and smile.  I  think of my dad who used to clamber over rocks all the time going to his favourite secret fishing spot!  He made us spend hours with him, but it has been beneficial of recent times.  Alas still nothing off the rocks to eat, no stress I have plenty in my supplies, I just like this foraging game.  Back to tend my fire, I spend the last of the daylight getting all of the dreadlocks out of my hair.  Cooking up dinner, boiling water and just looking out to sea.  Actually it is now a little tough being only 35km away from Cuzzie and the team.  That is a little mind fry for the red head.  As someone would say to me, "Settle petal."  Okay, yes, I will.

And the last thing to stop working, my pen to write my blog!  No more ink!  Now I will make notes into my phone.

My smiles today:
The fact that them damn bugs love clean washed hair!
My Inreach unit and Maprogress.  Thanks Shane. 
Insect repellant, it is a must have.
Potatoes fried and mashed with oil.
Washing with your clothes on, now that is a story!
Nat talking bout hiking in to see me.

My thoughts today:
I want to be around honest, open, liked minded people.  People who grab life each day and enjoy it as if it is their last. Who say what they think, who are upfront, who can look you in the face and tell you the truth, tell you what they like and dislike.  We should treat all the way we want to be treated.  Too little time is left in our lives to waste precious time with those who are sadly afraid of direct honesty.


All my sandfly friends have come to visit

All my sandfly friends have come to visit