DAY 171...Barn Bay Fifth Day

Thursday 14th April

It was morning before I knew it, a warm bed in the lounge of the hunting hut, a huge cast iron fire and the guys laughing and telling stories till nearly sunrise.  I slept maybe an hour and then got up and wandered to the beach and stood.  I smiled as it was the pre dawn calm and the dolphins were in the bay, it is always special when I see these beautiful creatures.

Soon I head back to the hut for a hot drink, to read a book and wait for the guys to stir and head out for a hunt.  A couple headed out and I then sat chatting to john about life on the coast before heading to the rocks for some paua hunting.  It started to rain, heavy tropical West Coast rain.  We were successful today so I headed back to my tent.  As the sun tried to break through the clouds the sandflies arrived.  Gus and John headed off on the quad bike, leaving me to the masses of bugs and time today to air my tent.  Dinner was at their place again tonight.

I spent a quiet afternoon in my tent away from the insane bugs, resting and trying to rationalise the jinx on my weather for tomorrow.  It was getting less chance of me paddling and I was impatient now. I slept for a while, I washed some clothes, I killed many sandflies and I tried not to think.

Time passed quickly and soon I was heading along the beach for dinner and some light hearted banter with the guys.  Dinner was again amazing, paua fritters, divine.  Everyone was a little tired from yesterdays activities.  My weather update was not making me happy, so reevaluate that 6am start!  Bloody heck, bugger, shit, what the heck and way more that are not fit to print.  I just want to sleep then paddle!  

Back in my tent now, it was a lovely beach walk in the dark.  Another day over and out.

My smiles today:
The hector dolphins.
Success on paua hunting.
The Barn Bay hunters.
My need to paddle!

My thoughts today:
People should not get to the end of their lives and wish they had spent less time on a work treadmill.  Step off.  It feels good.


The rocks at Barn Bay

The rocks at Barn Bay