Day 173...Jackson Bay to Mussel Point

SATURDAY 16th April.

It was a paddle morning, trying to get a couple of kms done and dusted before the change in weather. I am up, dressed, brekkie eaten and on the road back to Jackson Bay.  The team had T2 down and ready for me to hit the water by 739am.  It was overcast, flat, calm and a little bit of rain.  Not enough to scare off the resident sandflies that where dive bombing Nat and Jase.  I left and they ran for Cuzzie quick smart, slamming the doors from the crazy bugs.  Off I paddled enjoying the fact I had nothing but day stuff in T2.

Well the paddling was not as pleasant as yesterday and it just got tougher as the hours ticked over.  The kms took longer and longer to achieve, hello NW wind again, hello out going tide!  Brilliantly tough and damn well yuk.  It rained and blew in my face, my paddling slowed to below what I was happy with.  That is not what my journey is about, I want to love my paddling and love my time on the water.  So after five hours that was enough, that was it, I am finished for the day.

Not a long distance done, but a few kms at least.  Mussel Point was where I came in, paddling like a frantic maniac to beat a wave set.  I nearly managed but foiled at the final moment!  The wave won the beach landing, they enjoyed a moment of colourful language and Nat was unsure wether to keep taking photos, laugh or run and help Jason who was now recovering from being underneath and flattened by waves with Red and T2 above.

I have to say I was a little grumpy with myself , more on the landing as I had it all correct till that last moment, oh well.  Back in Cuzzie to the campsite for lunch, some maintenance work on my gear and me.  Then generally catching up on emails, life and just stuff.

Late dinner was had by us all, it was brilliant, chicen, roasted salted potatoes and some honey mead we shared for a treat.  It was something I had been wanting to try since talking with all the bee keepers I have been meeting (and than Nat managed to find!)  The day has come and gone really rather quickly, once I had eaten and rested everything was great.

Probably a day I should have just regrouped and not paddled, but I did and it was something.  Life is a little weird being back with everyone, Cuzzie so big, lots of space, dry, warm and half connected to others.  Nat is looking at all of the video footage of the sounds trip with Jase and there is some fun stuff to share.  Off to bed now, we are celebrating Jase's birthday tomorrow on a tiki tour inland away from the ocean. 

My smiles today:
The blog comments from you all.
MN gave me a friendly slap today, I deserved it.
Dinner, chicken.
Peppermint tea and honey.

My thoughts today:
Wake up, kick arse, repeat.


Red and Jase preparing T2 for departure from Jackson Bay

Red and Jase preparing T2 for departure from Jackson Bay