DAY 178...Bruce Bay to Okarito

Thursday 21st April

We were up before the moon set and it was cold outside.  I got myself ready for another big days paddling.  Slipping into my wet kayaking clothes, now that is yuk, and then cooking some brekkie and a hot drink before deciding to turn on the campervan heater to warmup my paddle jacket before pulling that over my head.  Soon there was enough light to get on the water and off I set heading for a big days paddle towards Okarito.

There was a light head wind all day making my progress a little slow but I was resigned to the fact I had to just keep pushing along, no speed records to be broken today, just a slow, solid push to get this 64km done.  This coastline has changed so quickly since Fiordland, in fact it still shocks me every time I look around, turquoise blue ocean, beaches, a line of trees then green mountains and behind this all the snowcaps of the Southern Alps.  Totally beautiful today on this very clear blue sky.

I passed along each beach and smiled at the weather and this coastline, it was very beautiful, MN was putting on a show today for me and I felt blessed.  At the 35km mark the dolphins came to play for about the next 10km, I never tire to see them and they where in fine form today swimming and jumping next to T2 for a long while.  After they left I decided it was best to play my 5km mind game for the last 20km to tick away at the kms.  It worked and soon I was talking with Nat on the VHF.

My landing today was atrocious!  A damn rogue wave got me & T2, over and out today.  I thought I had saved myself but at the last minute it was a small swim to the beach.  I had jinxed my landing before that by saying I thought is was going to be bad!  I may have to just keep paddling around NZ again to nail some of these beach landings of mine, it was a boomer one today.  Back on land and dripping wet, Nat & I lugged T2 up the beach, repaired a rudder line and T2 is resting on the roof racks now after another long day.

I have lit a fire at the campsite, cooked venison with mash, eaten chocolate, drunk hot tea and Nat has been roasting marshmallows on the fire.  Time now to tuck into bed for a well deserved sleep, I was keen to paddle again tomorrow, but the nor-westerlies are back and to big for me to make any headway in them.  Tomorrow is a dry inland day.

My smiles today: 
The glorious weather.
The Hector Dolphins, totally gorgeous.
My hideous landing!
The new scenery.

My thoughts today:
I will not give up on myself.
I will be my best self.
No matter what.


The rainbow from Mussel Point

The rainbow from Mussel Point