DAY 137...Green Islets Seventh Day

Friday 11th March

I was up before sunrise to listen and feel the wind, and as decided last night, no go.  A lot of messages were sent back and forth last night, in the end we decided that I would put my nose out this morning, listen to my inner self and make a decision on wether I would stay or go.  As soon as I had settled on that the uneasy feeling in my stomach eased as if I had made the right decision.  There is a lot to be said for listening to your inner self, and your initial thoughts, we all seem to doubt these and have numbed ourselves from listening to them.  Ha, coming from me too, I am sure not a wise person, no Buddah here.

Toothbrush in mouth cleaning my teeth I slowly wander the beach, hunting for my daily supply of wood and treasures from the big high tide.  Still no whole crayfish gifted to me from the ocean, but it is a nice morning.  Well, nice here means it is cold and there are no Sandflies!  What a blessing.

Chores done and fire going, it is again the best time of the day.  I have a hot breakfast reheated from last nights dinner and a sweet hot coffee.  Then it is on to a new creation I dreamed up, small cornmeal balls with cinnamon and sugar, rolled and shallow fried in coconut oil until golden brown, my version of donuts!  It seems sometimes my days are all about food, but at least I am eating fun and being creative, not just filling my body with dehydrated packaged food.

The wind is blowing in a new direction and it takes until after 1pm for the sun to break through the clouds.  Then it is the crazy time of trying to keep the solar panel in the sunniest patch of light, dodging the incoming tide and trying to find a spot away from the wind to just sit for a while and enjoy bing dry.  The ever changing crazy ocean it is relentless.

I saw a fishing boat this afternoon, the first in five days.  One moment I could see the entire ship on the top of a wave, then it all but disappears in the swell.  The ocean is crazy, wild, covered in white caps out past the cliffs on either side of me.  I am not holding my breath, as MN could surely make me suffer.

There is no Paua harvesting today, I have other food that needs eating, it has just been a day of sitting in sunshine and believing my dream.  Nothing else to report, I wish I could send you the sights and sounds of today through my eyes and ears but I am unable to upload a video to you just yet, it will have to be saved for a later date.

This place is incredible, raw untouched.  The blues, the greens, the sand, the wind, the seals, the rock formations - all just so wow.  Come one day and visit.

My smiles today:
Sitting on a deserted beach.
No sandflies all day!

My thoughts today:
Yet another from Nat's book, "The worst possible decision it to give up." (Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson)  I agree!  Most of you will be shocked she sent this to me, well I have a very black sense of humour and stuff like that fuels me, so she has learnt this and knows me well.