DAY 140...Landing Bay Second Day

Monday 14th March

No paddling today, oh painfully slow it is at the moment.  At 2am this morning I woke and I had to go and check on T2, the on going bad dream of mine.  Wind gusts all night, I awoke hungry at 4am and grabbed some chocolate to eat.  Back to sleep until 6am and then I messaged my team and asked, "The weather is shit, correct?"  Correct, was their unanimous reply.  Going nowhere again today, there were white cpas on the inlet all day, there were a couple of fishing boats moored in my bay trying to shelter from the wind, they only left at 6pm and the rain, mist and mighty wind dropped.

It was too rough and windy on the water to take T2 out, the ocean had the last laugh.  My day of food foraging was a big fat nil today, no Paua, and then this afternoon no fish from the rocks.  I clambered and climbed the rocks and got completely drenched by the waves at high tide to go fishing.   Actually I think my Dad was watching from above and I could hear him say, "I taught you better skills than that to get across rocks with out waves getting you."  LOL, yes he did teach me well, but my timing was a little out today.  My bush walks today were beautiful and filled with bird song.  Plenty of signs of deer but no chance of seeing one as I am far to noisy, I did try and look  but no luck.

Another day is over and I am tucked up in my sleeping bag, listening to the rain on my tent, it is a nice sound.  Today has been a slow day for me and again my patience is being tested, I want to scream with rage!  But what is the point?  It is what is it and I will move forward again soon.  I did find an amazing bubbling rock stream today, and after getting soaked by the ocean I returned to this stream and had a wonderful refreshing swim, luckily enough it was too windy for the sandflies and I managed to dry and redress with no bites, what a success.  Bedtime, it is warmer, far warmer than Stewart Island.  tomorrow, let's see, fish for dinner?  Maybe.

My smiles:
The fantails, very pretty and cheeky.
The waves drenching me!
The freshwater stream, so refreshing.
My mood today, not all smiles, but some.

My thoughts today:
Today make the choice to make it a day worth living and don't forget tomorrow is another day.