DAY 202...Road Tripping

The morning was cold and misty, we sat in Cuzzie and looked out at the early morning mist and drizzle.  Making coffee with the much loved ROK coffee machine seemed the best option, sitting in our sleeping bags warm and toasty.  Soon enough we were off on Day 2 of this trip heading along roads we have never been on before and aiming for a recommended spot, The Riwaka Resurgence.

It was a few hours of driving from where we had stopped last night, but as aways there were lots of things to look at along the roads.  The first thing was the amount of random apple trees on the roadsides.  In the end we could not help ourselves and we stopped off the road and walked back to a tree laden with fruit and we did grab a couple for the rest of the road trip.  I still wonder if theses apple trees have just sprouted from someone throwing their apple core out of the window, can anyone help with this?  The rivers, countryside and farm pastures, the land with plantings and farm works for the many hops that must grow in the summer, orchards and more countryside, we continued to find surprises around each corner.  This was a great couple of hours and surely never a boring moment.

Soon we passed through Motueka, stopping for a refuel of Cuzzie and then onto the walk to the The Riwaka Resurgence.  Te Puna o Riuwaka is acknowledged as a sacred site and yes it is special, it had a totally different feel to any of the other places we had been and visited.  Once we got to the pool where the water came from under ground I sat, felt the water on my feet, and warmed my pounamu carving in my hand, which had become strangely cold.  I must have sat silently for about ten minutes on a rock just absorbing this special place, and silently shared my thoughts.  The time spent here is very hard to describe, if you are in the area please visit, please sit and absorb the powerful energies.  The rocks are covered in this incredible moss and the water is so cold and clear.  I sat in sheer silence with goosebumps from this incredible place.  You may come and not feel the same but just the utter sheer beauty of this place is special enough.  As we walked back down to the crystal pools the sun was shinning and it was warmer, we sat on these rocks for awhile also, just marvelling at how incredible nature is and at the beauty of it all.  By the pools we took pictures and smiled at being able to have seen this place.

Back we headed to Cuzzie and then went off towards the beach to cook up some lunch and take T2 and Louise for a quick paddle in a very calm spot, Stephens Bay.  We managed a quick twenty minutes on the water, checking that all was okay on both of the kayaks and then glancing at the skies to see the sun was setting really quickly.  Up we hoisted the kayaks, tied them down then aimed towards Nelson.  We have been on a full big road trip and then back into Nelson as Jase has an early morning flight back to Auckland booked.  Me, well, I am waiting on the swells and the winds to drop!  This waiting is looking to be rather a long time it seems.  I do frown a little, but what can I do, the great thing is that MN seems to be saying stay in the South Island.  I have places still to visit and I am sure incredible people to still meet.

Back in Nelson we hooked up to the world, I am sure that I can find plenty to do and occupy myself.  I have scanned the weather forecasts and that is making me frown, so as per normal I will turn my back on MN till she says it is time for me to leave and continue up the coast.  I used to get frustrated but I have certainly learned to be patient (well most days!)

Tonight I crawl into my sleeping bag with a sense of calmness, just a little wee bit of 'I wish I was a little further' thoughts.  Oh well, maybe soonish.  Thanks for all of your support, feedback and comments.  Thanks for enjoying my journey and today I wish that you could have been with me at this incredible, special, sacred place.  The feelings at this stream were indescribable.

My smiles today:
A misty cold morning sitting in a warm camper van.  I am a convert to this life.
The beautiful changing country side.  South Island you are beautiful, maybe I will just stay.
The mist then sunshine and then the sunset tonight.

My thoughts today: 
Nothing in the nature lives for itself.  Rivers don't drink their own water.  Trees don't eat their own fruit.  Sun doesn't give heat for itself.  Flowers don't spread fragrance for themselves.  Living for others is the rule of Nature.


Crystal Pools.

Crystal Pools.

The Riwaka Resurgence Entrance

The Riwaka Resurgence Entrance