DAY 206...Fox River Caves

It rained all through the night, the waves crashed heavily onto the beach and the forecast for today was for more of the same.  I was happy enough this morning to have a couple of coffees, wait for my washing, get it dried and then I was on the road.  Back I headed to the Charleston beach to see if the seas had thrown my hat and other items up with the driftwood, but no such luck.  The beach was covered in thick sea foam as the high tide receded and I wandered along watching the massive seas make the stones roll like small marbles with all their force.  I left the beach after walking it searching, I was empty handed but I had not held out much hope.  Oh well, the list continues of items lost to the sea!

Back I headed to my walk of today, Fox River Cafe walk, about 3 hours return.  I was not sure what to expect but I was extremely happy to be walking along by the river, across streams, up and over moss covered rocks with water running down.  Up and up I climb to the cave entrances.  You can walk for a long way into these caves with a head torch on, stalagmites and stalactites.  Lime stones washed with the under ground water, if I had another with me I may have ventured further than the running water but instead I sat, turned my head torch off and sat in the silence and dark and just listened and absorbed the time in this really cool space.  I think I like this caving lark, maybe I can find a new hobby !  Maybe, but I am not sure I would be that keen on the cold cold water to go swimming in!

A new game is to find a hike each day or a cave or an adventure while off the damn ocean, lets see if I can achieve this and make MN give up her relentless crazy weather.  This coast and land is incredible, raw, beautiful and has soul like nothing I have experienced.  I am trying to see and do so much.  My knitting is not happening and my daily chore list is still getting longer, maybe I will never leave this magic coast.

Back I wandered to the entrance of this cave and then back down the track over the moss and lichen covered stones, the creeks, the water falls and the streams.  This is a beautiful hike, I recommend this as a must do.  I am glad to have stumbled across this and I am pleased to say I have done it.  As I walked I met a couple from Newcastle, Australia, Jude and Dave.  It was great to chat to others who are finding this area so beautiful and amazing.  We walked, talked and shared the love for this outdoors we were in.  I wished them a great trip and gave them some must go to places.  Then I jumped into Cuzzie and headed back to get some contact with the rest of the world.  I make some calls then I headed back south to go and spend some time in and around Rununga and Greymouth before I head back towards the beaches and the coast I need to launch T2 from next week, when this weather clears.

Dinner was yummy tonight and I am spending a night with a fellow paddler, enjoying swapping stories, this is always fun.  Well until tomorrow, when the rain and the third storm returns, I will chat then.

My smiles today.
Being a free spirit, seeing, doing and going where I want.
The bush and caves today.
Eating hot sweet popcorn as I walked along the Fox River Track!
My venison sausages tonight, yum.  Thanks Paul.
My day on the West Coast, thanks for hijacking me, it is really special.

My thoughts today:
It's happening.  Many said it would.  They are correct.  I have and am changing.  No more do I feel done, drained and half dead.  Now I truly do smile.  There are so many reason why my eyes sparkle and why my smile glistens.