DAY 228...Nothing Abnormal this Friday

I lay in bed last night, staying awake late until I finished reading my book at last! It was nowhere near as cold tonight in Nelson and I listened to the rain. Cuzzie didn’t have any small leaks at all but the rain is nothing like as bad or intense as that on the West Coast. I am, however, still a little sceptical about whether we have repaired her that well and I had lain awake even longer, worrying, before sleep eventually arrived. Woke early and was up and getting things planned for today. A paddle before the wind picked up too much, a chat to a keen fellow SUP-paddler and a chat about our connections in regards to mental health and close family members suffering from depression.

Once reloaded and packed, we headed for lunch. A large bowl of hot soup for me, with Jase tucking into a huge burger at DeVille Cafe. Delicious. A couple of pick-ups of gear delivered via courier and, then we stopped to try and sort out the final item we needed from a supplier. Of course they hadn’t arrived and we’ll now have to wait until Monday for them to arrive (if we’re lucky) but it’s looking more like Tuesday. Nothing was being dispatched from the warehouse today as the supplier was stocktaking. The weather is yuk anyway and there’s no point in stressing the small stuff!

Anyway, although we had tried, there was nothing more we could have done or can do. The day had nearly run away from us, what with numerous calls and it being a late Friday afternoon. Not a lot happens at the end of the working week. I’ll just have to be patient and keep faith. We wandered into Nelson, using the numerous walkways that go along the waterways, grabbed some dinner items and spent the evening chatting with two wonderful people, Reg and Angela (thanks Helen, we are spending the night in your parents’ huge, warm house with Cuzzie parked up the driveway). Again, I have to say there are so many generous, wonderful people out there and today, we met another two.

My paddling today was really nice and I enjoyed being out on the water, but tomorrow will be another day of going around in small circles, back and forth between buoys. I’m trying to keep up the momentum until I can return to the West Coast, but it seems that won’t be this week or even next. By the time I eventually leave, I’ll have become known by the locals as that insane woman who paddles round in circles in Nelson Harbour! But for tonight, there’s a large, soft bed and a huge, hot shower (a luxury indeed) and tomorrow, the Saturday markets and some more Nelson sunshine.

My smiles today:
Paddling training done and dusted by midday.
A large bowl of hot soup after paddling (reminds me of my Fridays at Snells Beach).
Chatting to Nat on the phone tonight (I smile but also miss her lots).
Walking in the Nelson rain.
Dinner with wonderful, generous people (thanks Reg and Angela).
Learning a new skill: trying hard to say only positive things about others (I am trying and certainly, it makes me stop, think, say nothing, and then just smile!).

My thoughts today:
Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional. Rather, let this be a sign that you've got a big heart and aren't afraid to let others see it. Showing your emotions can be a sign of strength.

Until tomorrow, goodnight from Red.

Another day of paddling circles.

Another day of paddling circles.