DAY 232...Peppermint Tea, Pumpkin Soup and Completing of Repairs and Refit

We had a mission today but, firstly, a few things I have forgotten to mention over the past couple of days.
1: The graze on my shin has at last started to heal. I’ve been using Bee Propolis Tincture. It’s a miracle healer. Thanks to the bee man at the Saturday Markets.
2: My Garmin watch has decided to stop working!! Thanks to Shoe Clinic Ponsonby for all your help. You guys rock!
3: To say “thanks” to Paul Caffyn for his wonderful article in the most recent edition of the KASK magazine. If anyone wants a great read and has not yet read one of Paul’s amazing books, please look into grabbing a copy. It’s a great read and, in Paul’s words, “there’s much sucking of teeth”!
4: To the NZMCA, the most recent copy of the monthly magazine, thanks for this cool article that is also superb. Thanks Robert Tighe. 

We finally located the glue from Post Haste and aim to get the braces and brackets into Louise today. Everything has arrived at last. But, firstly we had a catch-up to make, so we stopped for a coffee and a chat with Doug. What a great time we had. This journey has led me to meet and make friends with lots of liked-minded people. The catch-up and chat was wonderful. We shared a lot in a very short time and I know that a lot of what we discussed rang true for us all. I smile, recollecting the saying I walked away with in my head ”you only get to bat once!” Doug, believe me, this has never been so evident as during the past few months. It was hard to drag myself away from the café and our chat but, after this trip, we will catch up for sure. 

But we still had work to get done. We headed away before the end of today appeared all too soon. I was just the apprentice when it came to the repairs and refit but, as I am the person who will have to use them, I did have some input. Thanks Mike, for the suggestions and ideas. Everything is installed and you know what, I’m impressed! The glue is setting overnight before being rolled in the fresh Nelson waters in the morning. Looking forward to that. (Not really!) We completely took over Reg and Angela’s garage. It was great to have a work-bench, tools and also a huge bowl of hot, home-made pumpkin soup. 

After everything had been completed, at the end of today, I lifted Louise up onto Cuzzie solo, just so I know I can do it on my own while the support crew is away. I can keep training, paddling in circles and wait for the racing gates to open. Then I’ll really be able to get going. Sunshine in Nelson again today. Everything is completed now. I was, perhaps, a little stressed this morning but all is calm in my world tonight.

Just for the moment, I’m sitting in Nelson Airport. Support crew Jase is not sticking around while we just sit and wait for Mother Nature to make up her mind about letting me proceed. He is heading back to Auckland tonight and we’ll reconnect in due course. I have to say a massive “thank you” to Jase, and to all of the crew so far. Without them, this adventure wouldn’t be the success it has so far been. In fact, it would probably be struggling just to keep going. I need them for sure. Especially for the days I’m on the water, and for their very varied skills. Nat for her IT and photography know-how and her no-nonsense just-go-and-do-it approach. She has given me a huge chunk of the previous six months. Jase for his Tim the Tool-man and Mister Fix-it skills, his growing passion for what I am attempting to do, for his assistance with replacement gear on this trip (VHF, mobile data packages, food supplies), and weather reporting. Trish and Reg for stepping in where there has been a gap and just for running with the days and the stress.

Back at my campsite, in my warm Ugg boots, with the heater blasting it's actually feeling strange to be back on my own. It’ll be a few days till I reconnect with the team for the next section. Not quite sure what is the best way to say this but, if and when Mother Nature sees fit, I am actually looking forward to paddling, maybe to getting my head wet (with water up my nostrils). It’s so true, if you don’t practice you tend to forget!! So some rolling practice is a must! To all of you to whom I have chatted today, shared time with today, and to everyone who has helped me get sorted, thanks.

My smiles today:
It all came together and it all worked out (my thanks) it’s a truly happy evening.
Hot, home-made pumpkin soup. Angela, it was yummy.
The best café today. Café 7010. Your peppermint tea was truly delicious and your service was incredible. You made us all smile.
Jase (Tim the Tool-man) you have been totally amazing. Love the beard! Let’s see if it stays put till the end of the South Island journey.
Two pairs of leggings today. It was cold. 
The South Island, you still make me smile.

My thoughts today:
Devote yourself to an idea, go make it happen, struggle with it, overcome your fears, smile, and never forget: this is your dream!

Good night from Red. Ma te Wa.

My favourite cafe.

My favourite cafe.