DAY 224...Lake Kaihoka Farm

When I woke this morning it was a little strange to not be able to hear the sound of the sea, any waves or be in touch with the ocean.  I was 90% happy that my weather app would not fail me and that it was going to be windy where I am and this is where I would be heading for my next stop.  I headed to the lounge and put more wood on the fire and sat quietly in the peace and tranquillity of this lovely farm house, the rooster was now awake and being a normal crazy rooster.  I personally find the sound of them crowing pretty cool and it is never a bother to me, even in the morning.  It is cold but fine, the wind had not as of yet woken for the day.  We had cups of hot coffee with breakfast and sat by the warmth of the fire.  We sorted out the gear hanging on the over the fire hanging clothes rack, I have such fond memories of childhood times on the farm, coal-ranges, open fires and warm hot, cups of tea...great memories.

We then walked to the beach where I will be landing and what a great surprise, it is a nice beach, well today at least.  There are not five sets of crashing surf, after a long paddle this is not what I really want.  As we walk across the paddocks to the beach I am overcome by the beautiful cliffs on either side off the beach and the huge sand dunes surrounding and beneath the cliffs.  The wind is a fairly strong easterly now and I am pleased that my weather app is keeping me up to date and is accurate.  We spend some time on the beach looking and watching the wave sets.  We talk about the best landing options and then hunger grips me and we head back through the paddocks of cows to the house.

The wind is blowing, the sunshine is out so the repairs and drying of gear, repacking and packing starts.  I am in one area and Jase, fondly known as Tim the Toolman, starts on the re-kitting of Louise.  There seems to be sea water in a lot of my gear, or just that normal dampness associated with gear that is in and near the ocean all the time.  I sort out Ziploc bags and I have a big clean out.  I throw out things that have absorbed moisture like my nurofen, my bic lighters have stopped working and just checking over all my gear, letting it dry in the wind and the sunshine.  Jase looks over my tent, repairs a couple of holes and we generally wash away the past few days of yuk.   Cuzzie gets all her doors greased so they actually open and slide, the doors do not creak anymore and her windows are cleaned.  By the time we sit down for a late lunch it seems a positively organised day.  The farm chickens have been entertaining us all afternoon and when we sit down they head over to see if they can perch on a table or a seat close by to grab a morsel of food.  I then cook up feijoas that we have been given.  Actually I am enjoying being in the fresh, clean and tranquil environment, it is calming, it has some familiarity that I am liking a lot.  There is a great vibe in the air, this place has a wonderful soul.  We both agree and like it a lot.

Joyce arrives later on to milk the house cows so we wander with her and Nana (Carol) out to round up the three cows.  In my teenage years I used to help with the milking on our farm so this is like déjà vu.  Today it is a pleasure, sunshine, warm and great company.  The chickens follow us out into the paddock and are locked away for the night in their chicken run and then Joyce milks the cows.  We have fresh farm milk for brekkie and I am going to try the cream from the top of the container in the morning for my coffee, let's see who is up first.  With the fire going and all the gear packed away we sit in a very warm lounge with the fire crackling, the wind has eased.

It has been a lovely day and I am really blessed to have been connected with this lovely location, the wonderful people and accepted into their homes.  This is what I have missed about living in the city and it has only just clicked when taking with everybody today.  The city has no community.  We have forgotten to say hi to our neighbours, or offer them help.  I have missed this and now understand what I have been feeling was so different as I headed south, the community, the helpful people, the caring souls.  Thanks for showing me what NZ is truly about.

Heading for dinner now, venison, yum.

My smiles today:
Sunshine on a beautiful west coast beach.
The chickens and the rooster.
The farm and it's calming feel.
The house cows and the fresh milk.
The fireplace, it gives this place a fab homely feeling.

My thoughts today:
Enjoy your life, no matter how hard it may seem, when life gives you a thousand reasons to cry show the world you have a million reasons to smile.

Milking Time

Beach Fun