DAY 262...Cat On Your Lap

This has to be one of the biggest storms I have experienced during this entire journey!! It blew and rained insanely most of the night. If Cuzzie wants to learn to swim, now is the time! By morning, I doubted whether we would actually make it out along the farm tracks and on the gravel roads. It was even suggested I just drive with a little more speed than usual along the muddier parts of the track! I did and it was largely successful, although my Star kayaks were unloaded and got a good rinse from the rain.

Today was all about Cuzzie. The dreaded WOF was due and she badly needed a service because she’s done 20,000kms since we left Auckland. She’s been the star on this journey! I always dislike WOFs because it means that money is about to be needed, and it’s never cheap. I head to grab a coffee from the café where I sit and watch the dreadful weather, with rain literally being blown sideways. But then there’s a rainbow, followed by sunshine, and then a repeat of the procedure all over again. Grey, stormy skies, horizontal rain, a rainbow, then more sun; reminding me of my moods earlier this week!

Once I’ve sat in the café for way too long, I go walking out onto the Collingwood beach. Can't say it was the most attractive day to be on the beach but, as there was a beautiful, bright coloured rainbow, I could hardly complain. Back to collect Cuzzie and the service was all done, although she did need two back tyres replaced, and a couple of other small things. Most of my afternoon was spent sorting this out, rather mundane as cars are not my most fun thing to spend money on, but nevertheless it was necessary. I know what I’d be looking like if I had paddled 20,000kms!! Thanks, Cuzzie, you are one cool little camper-van.

New tyres sorted, WOF nearly sorted, RUC sorted (road user chargers), smaller issues sorted, service done, and bank account looking a lot lighter. It was useless even thinking about walking or paddling today; too wet, too cold and far too windy for any outdoor activity after having spent most of my day inside sorting out Cuzzie. I returned to the cottage for some stats to be updated and Garmin tracking stuff to be done. Got my fire roaring, collected Hobo from his house to cat-sit him tonight and checked the weather forecast. Nothing new or exciting, except huge swells and more big winds on the way.

Early night, cat on lap, book to read and hikes being planned.

My smiles today:
Cuzzie and her health check (aka WOF).
Jeez, why do I have a camper-van with a personality?
Lamb chops for dinner. (Yum.)
Cat on lap.
Fire roaring.
My crocs are now my gumboots, covered in mud!

My thoughts today:
As I walk along in the rain, bent over by the wind, with mud oozing into my crocs, I try to persuade myself that true happiness comes from the inside. The more you show, the more you accept who you are and the happier you will be.

Goodnight from Red and her cat Hobo (on temporary loan). Ma Te Wa.

Cat Sitting. Meet Hobo!

Cat Sitting. Meet Hobo!