DAY 269...Clear Skies

It’s a beautiful morning, the sky is clear blue and the wind is cool but we are sheltered by many hills as well. I can see the tall pine trees rocking in the winds above us but, as always, it’s a little deceptive. I did re-check my weather forecasts and then, turned to walk up the hill. I had driven so much yesterday, I needed a day to stop, to try to enjoy my day with no rain; a day for me and the farm cottage.

I go and say “Hi” to Granddad and Hobo the cat, walk across the cold grass to let the chickens out, then up the hill with my scraps for the pigs. All the while laughing at myself because, for the whole of yesterday, I had driven around in Cuzzie with a bucketful of scraps, totally forgetting about them until late in the day!! Well, it was more the aroma that reminded me about them, as they had warmed up during the day in the warmth of Cuzzie, however the pigs were more than happy with the additional food.

Then we had a cup of tea and a chat at the main farmhouse before going out to feed more chickens (30+ with Mary) and then, back down the hill to my cottage. The next few hours were devoted to my little cottage, doing some chores and helping keep it clean and tidy for other guests when they come to visit and spend time on the farm. After all, it’s the least I can do.

Before I left the main house, Joyce was having a clear out of shoes and clothes for a local secondhand shop called Trash Palace. She had some nearly new tramping boots that just needed some TLC leather work, so the boots headed my way. They may solve my hiking boot issue. I had a few grey hours organising my gear, cleaning up a little for the family and then I caught a ride into Takaka, where I spent some time in the local library, just reading.

Tonight’s going to be another clear, full moon night, while tomorrow looks like being a torturous day for me. The winds are dropping but the swell is not. The boats are not out on the water, so neither am I. Actually, I really hate these days. I’m planning to try and think outside the circle. If only I could, I would try to put an escape plan in place! I have already been trying to hatch that in my head but, for me to cross the Wanganui Bar, I need a high tide and that’s not until 11.15am. Which is far too late in the day! The swell is also against me big time.

I may sound like a record that is stuck, continually saying the same stuff: bad weather, bad swell, always bad something or other. But to be honest, I truly do want to paddle. At the moment, there simply aren’t enough descriptive words to express my level of frustration. I’m really sure you are never going to be able even to begin to understand how many frown lines this section of the planned route has given me. Even the BP petrol lady has noticed that I’ve been around this area for far too long. Maybe I should just "gap it"?

My smiles today:
The farm, the animals, the family.
Sunny days, you have to smile!
Sitting in a library, reading.
A day of just pottering about.
Trying so hard to de-stress.
A little while ago, I dared to see how far I had to go, but look at me now. I’m totally stuck!
Pancakes for lunch. Yum!
Newborn calves. Yippee, Spring is on its way.
Daffodils. (Ditto.)

My thoughts today:
Life is the most difficult exam of all. Many people fail because they try to copy others, not realising that everyone has a different question paper.

Goodnight from Red. Ma Te Wa.