DAY 279...Ice-Cold Days But Warm Hearts!

Just as I was about to crawl into bed last night for cat cuddles, out of the blue I got a call from my wonderful Nat who is in Wales at the moment. What a fantastic surprise and sheer delight! We talked for a long time and I eventually crawled into bed a little later than planned. It was so good to hear her voice. She’s all over the UK at the moment. We talked at length about some of our respective adventures and daily experiences, finishing up by laughing at each other as after all the time we have spent together, we know each other pretty well. Perhaps too well!

Sunday and I’m into my early morning routine; coffee and a chat or two with my farmyard mates. There’s a cool wind blowing and, as you all know, the snow has been falling and is way further down the hills and peaks around us. It continues to blow and there’s still some heavy rain. Today, I’m meeting a reporter from the Golden Bay News. It was a total pleasure to talk with this gorgeous young lady. In fact, we chatted for a few hours and I have to say, it was really inspiring to talk with Tullia because of her outlook on life, her energy, her life experiences, her strength, and her total honesty. I’m sure all of these attributes will lead her on a fantastic life journey. I was so happy to have such an enthusiastic person listen to my own kayaking and life stories. It was refreshing and yet again, I learnt from another young person. We will most certainly meet again, please keep in touch! Thanks for listening, thanks way more for sharing, it was way cool. You rock young lady!

After this long chat in a cosy cafe, I wrapped up warm and tried to see if I could drive as far as the treetops that have a sprinkling of snow on them. But not wanting to push Cuzzie on snow-covered roads, I turned back and headed for a walk on Milnethorpe beach which, if you so wish, goes all the way to Collingwood. I spent about two hours stomping along the beach in my boots, crunching shells underfoot, watching the rain clouds come and go, and then one rainbow after another appearing and then disappearing again. I got rained on, then dried by the warmish winter sun, and then there was more rain again. But it was a great way to end my day, hoping that the rainbows were trying to tell me that these stormy days are going to end soon.

It’s early evening and calm as on the Golden Bay side of the coast. But as I get back to the cottage, the inlet and the West Coast it is a little different, with colder winds and rain. To be honest, it doesn't actually matter now, as I have always said this will happen and anyway, it has been a great day. It is the West Coast, after all, and she’s an especially tough challenge; just like this life of ours!

Now, I’m sitting cross-legged in front of the fire, knowing that before I leave this coast, I still have a couple of ranges and peaks to conquer and some snow lines to reach. Best I get a move on and get going, bearing in mind what the fishermen said: “Once the snow arrives, the weather will settle!”

My smiles today:
Chatting to Nat.
Meeting one inspirational young lady.
Talking with passion about life, this journey (both the good and the bad times).
Hobo and his continual chatter.
How everything happens for a reason!
My three layers of old black leggings, with so many ladders and holes.

My thoughts today:
Enjoy life today. Yesterday has gone and tomorrow may never come!

For now, it’s “Goodnight” from Red. Ma Te Wa.

Carvings you stumble upon.


Boots made for hiking.

Boots made for hiking.