Day 297...Hi Wellington. Miss Me?

At 2.45am we off-load from the Inter-Islander ferry and it is kind of weird. We drive to the camper-van overnight car park at Evans Bay Marina, we threw the bed together and quickly crashed to sleep. It was near on impossible to sleep on the ferry as every side I slept on, my arms would go completely numb and wake me up!

This morning I could hear the hum of traffic, the airplanes over head, and wished I could hear the sea instead. We made breakfast and coffee. I sat in the passengers seat of Cuzzie, trying to get a grip of the fact I was back in the North Island and back in Wellington. It has been a reality check in many ways; kind of like stepping out of a time capsule into a world I have been away from for so many months. (8 months in fact.) I last walked these streets on the 23rd of December. Leaving these shores on the early hours of the 24th of December, that is nuts!

We walk quickly along the streets going about the important stuff of getting gear checked, repaired and replaced. In the end I grab Jase's arm and hang on as I am not used to having to weave and dodge heaps of city people anymore. I am used to being on a beach and sharing it with a couple of birds or a random hunter. It is damn weird to be back in a big city, I am so glad I have someone to drive for me. I would be a nightmare on these roads. We laugh lots as we go about the day. It is rather successful, combined with it being sunny and warm. Many times I pinch myself and it will take a few days to absorb it all.

As said yesterday I am taking a couple of days to realign my brain. Just some time to recheck the gear, Cuzzie, me and the support crew, before heading on another tough coastline. I always feel better after a couple of days of planning and preparation. I have to admit, "winging it" makes me anxious and more nervous than I care to feel like. Wellington does not disappoint. Friendly helpful people, a great walk along the water front, a wonderful, quick Vietnamese lunch and then we sit on the beach. After a big day yesterday we then retreat to Cuzzie for a late afternoon chill. Jase to sleep and me to do some "me maintenance" things. Tonight is catch up time with my family. My niece Briar and her partner Dave are with us for dinner and a long gossip.

Tomorrow the planning begins.
Tomorrow is more catch up.
Tomorrow is repairs and tidy time.
Tomorrow is learning to enjoy being in the city. (Holy Heck.)

My smiles today:
Wellington, really?
Missing the sound of the waves.
Lovely, helpful retail staff.
Trying to cut my fringe!
Jase guiding me around the streets of Wellington.
Sensory overload.

My thoughts today:
Life is short, time is fast. There is no replay and no rewind, so I am going to enjoy every moment as it comes!

Goodnight from Red. Ma Te Wa.

Hi Wellington, did you miss me?

Hi Wellington, did you miss me?